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  1. Afternoon, While diving into the world of plugins, i was just wondering if there is a hook/function or method for plugins to use "pretty" urls on the customer facing side when loading a plugin created page So instead of "?_a=plugin&plugin=plugin_name" it'd be "plugin/plugin_name" or just "plugin_name" getting added to the store URL Cheers, Chris.
  2. Hi, Sorry to hear you're having issues downloading your purchase. If you go to https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/buyer/login and login, you should be redirected to your account where you manage your purchases. Or once you have logged in go to https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/cburst-bootstrap-responsive-skin and you should be able to use the install token and download links. I will arrange a refund for the 2nd purchase for you. If you still have trouble let me know.
  3. Hey, Was just wondering if anyone else had noticed {$subcat.products_number} seems to output an incorrect / unexpected value? On a category page that has sub cats, i use {$subcat.products_number} next to each subcat title expecting it show the number of products for that subcat however the count seems wrong. Example : Womens T-shirt Category assigned as followed : Fashion (Main Cat) Fashion > Womens (Additional Cat) Fashion > Womens > T-shirts (Additional Cat) A single product with those 2 additional sub categories assigned makes the count show 2 instead of 1 for Womens. So it would seem when the product count is done for the subcats its goes through the sub cats but recounts the same product if appears in a related subcat (if that makes sense - its late here haha) Live example see http://nitefox.x10host.com/fashion.html change the skin (bottom left) to Dillion and click the sliders button next to the grid/list layout buttons and you will see Mens (12) and Womens (8) which should in fact be Mens (6) and Womens (4) (each of the fashion products are assigned categories similar to the example above) So just wondered if this is bug before i post it as an issue on github..
  4. Hi @LIBERTY, sorry to hear that and fully understand your concerns. According to CubeCarts privacy policy they only collect (name, gender, date of birth, billing address, orders and receipts, email address and IP address) in terms of personal identifying information (although additional info like locale, language and account status in relation to your PayPal account is listed when creating a buyers account) and i would agree that date of birth and gender are irrelevant. The data they use is pretty standard when using a login service like "Connect with PayPal", its similar to when you "login with facebook or google" on a website. Based on my understanding orders and receipts data would be those relating to your CubeCart purchases and the billing address and IP address is required due to Tax regulations as these are used to determine the amount of Tax due and as "proof" of buyer location required by the EU also for fraud prevention. Additional info requested when creating a buyer account would be personalised your account i guess if different languages are offered and to restrict buyers if their account status is bad. Maybe @Al Brookbanks can offer some additional info to ease your concerns but fully understand your decision. Thanks for sharing your concerns as i am sure @Al Brookbanks is always keen to know customer thoughts for future updates to the Marketplace.
  5. Merry Christmas to you too, and all the best for 2021!
  6. Hey @radman Pretty sure i have gotten to the bottom of it. Due to a recent change with CubeCart the Sale Items / Gift Certificates links don't appear to work in the way that they used to which in turn affects the way that i used them in the template. So, as a solution if you like them above the search box i would suggest you hard code them. If this is a route you would like to take please find the instructions below: in skins > amzin > templates > main.php around lines 74 - 79 find {if $CTRL_CERTIFICATES && !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <li><a href="{$URL.certificates}" title="{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}"><i class="fas fa-gift"></i> {$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}</a></li> {/if} {if $CTRL_SALE} <li><a class="sale-link" href="{$URL.saleitems}" title="{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}"><i class="fas fa-tag"></i> {$LANG.navigation.saleitems}</a></li> {/if} and simply replace them with <li><a href="https://mybikerleather.com/gift-certificates.html" title="{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}"><i class="fas fa-gift"></i> {$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}</a></li> <li><a class="sale-link" href="https://mybikerleather.com/sale-items.html" title="{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}"><i class="fas fa-tag"></i> {$LANG.navigation.saleitems}</a></li> Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this oversight.
  7. @radman bare with me, i'll pop @havenswift-hosting a message to get his take on it. If it is a caching issue he'll know more about it.
  8. @radman Sounds odd, and maybe a caching issue but that wouldn't explain why it works then doesn't when you move page. You use cloudflare don't you? Does cloudflare cache your site? if so are you able to clear/purge the cache?
  9. @radman If it's intermittent i wouldn't say it was a directly a skin issue as the skin is set to either show the links or hide the links based on the information CubeCart sends. If you clear your site cache does it correct it or hide the ones in the main menu?
  10. Hey @radman Managed to load your site. Is the remove item link working if you switch to the foundation skin? Seems odd its not working, as the link appears to be correctly formatted and nothing has been changed to that link so not sure why you're getting the 404 error page.
  11. For my skins (pretty sure its the same for Foundation) theres some JS that checks if the checkbox is checked, if it isn't then it will hide the password fields. {$REGISTER_CHECKED} is set to checked="checked" by default by CubeCart if the customer is not a logged in user when viewing that page. Although by removing {$REGISTER_CHECKED} i'm not 100% sure whether or not it could have a knock on affect in the event a customer checks the box, enters their passwords wanting to create an account but gets redirected back to that page due to whatever error, the page won't re-tick the box and show the password fields so may end up as a guest. Well thats take on it after a quick look at the files.
  12. Hey @radman The W3W compatibility notice in the admin panel is cosmetic - Providing you enter your W3W info it will work as intended. It's just in the admin panel it looks for a certain skin file to determine whether or not its compatible, however for the updates i approached it differently so the certain skin file isn't there. As for the other issues, i can only assume something might have been edited incorrectly during your update, i can't seem to load your site (503 Service Unavailable) at the moment so i can't check whats going on.
  13. Just checked and would appear to happen on any browser on a ios device (checked safari, chrome, firefox) and its identical. If a device is detected as mobile then the chosen script wont run at all, leaving the user with a standard select html element with multiple select capability but it just uses the browsers/os multi select method. Although the ios choice is slightly misleading it should work fine.
  14. So, it seems the "0 Items" is a reference to the number of currently selected items and NOT the number of items available in the list and should increase as you select manufacturers. Seems this is the default behaviour on iOS and has been around for 10+ years with no real override option. You can use the chosen option feature like on desktops although customers might find it abit more fiddly. You can experiment by disabling the mobile check for the chosen jQuery by opening: cburst > js > vendor > jquery.chosen.js and finding line 603 return false; and changing it to return true; you will need to clear your sites cache and possibly your browser cache/history.
  15. Hey, It's a Chosen select box (jquery.chosen.js) feature that was "inherited" from the foundation skin. From a quick google search it seems there was a display issue with some mobile devices so they added a test to mark mobile devices as not supported and display the default html multiple select element which some versions of iOS seem to have a hard time handling (dating back to 2014 - odd it would still happen). I'll dig a little deeper..
  16. @radman420 by data issue i mean that it would appear no data (in this case Products) is been supplied to the $POPULAR variable which is used to load the popular products section. Since it appears to happen in both the Foundation and Amzin skin that would suggest that it isn't caused by the skins. All i can suggest is pop a message in Technical Help section as this is beyond a skin issue. Perhaps something went wrong during the CubeCart Update or a setting has changed. I'm running 6.4.1 with Amzin and Foundation and the popular box is loading fine so i'm not sure whats causing yours to not load since you updated.
  17. Hey @radman420 In that case it would appear to be some sort of data issue then if it doesn't show in both Amzin or the foundation skin.
  18. Hey @radman420 Just checked your site and theres no trace of the missing box so i can only assume that no data is been passed to $POPULAR used for it. Does it reappear if you switch to the foundation skin?
  19. Hi @radman420 Sounds odd, neither the CC6.4.1 update or the skin update would affect the visibility of the popular products section as from my knowledge nothing was changed in relation to that. This behaviour is not occurring on any of my test setups so not sure what the cause would be. Have you tried going to site settings > layout and clicking save , then clear your sites cache ? Also, if you right click on the area the box normally is then click "inspect" or "inspect element" can you any html code in the console panel that relates to the popular products? Thanks, NiteFox
  20. I'd probably wait for 6.4.2 as 6.4.1 has a few bugs which have been fixed for 6.4.2 but not sure if the fixes have been applied to the current files for 6.4.1
  21. Its literally going to site > admin folder > skins then copy and paste just the "default" folder into site > admin folder > skins > here and rename it so you now have 2 skin folders in site > admin folder > skins
  22. For admin skins its just a case of making a copy of the default admin skin folder and renaming it. Then under store settings > layout you should be able to select your new admin skin then modify it however you want.
  23. Its a known issue. If you enable your sites cache it will make the tabs work until the next update is released (admin > store settings > advanced - obviously you will be unable to access the advanced tab by clicking so once you're on the store settings page add the following to the URL #Advanced_Settings and press enter/go in your browser to access it manually) or you can manually apply the fix for it yourself see https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/0385d85f99575ce4ec2313637d221ff43e3f3cd2 for the fix
  24. From what I recall the onafterprint has limited cross browser support so if its customer facing could be buggy for some.
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