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  1. its the default colour i need to change ive tried loads of times but no joy. I have changed the others like this in cubecart.default.css .sale_price { color: #f3e30a} .old_price { color: black }
  2. Hi thanks again for that. I am still struggling to change the colour of products prices but only when there not on sale where it shows both prices in the right colours. this seems to be the line but i just can not figure it out. <span id="ptp" data-price="7.99">£7.99</span> this needs to be red. Many thanks Darren
  3. Hi many thanks for the advice i have managed to change most of the things i need. I was trying to use the developer tools but i was unable to tell what css were used as everything stated cached and not the css on the site.
  4. hi guys im Darren and new to cube cart. I am no developer or real experience other than very basic html. I have managed to change a few things on the foundation skin via the css but im struggling with .some and any advice would be grateful. I need to change the colour of the txt and icons in the footer but when i do the txt for products and advance search change too. where am i going wrong please
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