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  1. I have just looked at my transaction log and all that show up are the Nochex payments and orders. Thinking about it now another factor comes to mind. When people pay through PayPal the order does not go from Pending to Processing automatically, I have to do it manually. It works fine with Nochex. I am fairly new to all this so please excuse my naivety. Andy
  2. Hello there I have an issue which I am not sure if the problem is with Cubecart or Paypal really. Sometimes when an order is placed on my website (I offer free postage) but when the customer goes through to Paypal to pay, £5 is being added to the total. This does not happen if the customer chooses Nochex and it doesn't always happen with Paypal, it's all a bit random. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers Andy
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