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  1. Hello bsmither!! Thank you-thank you-thank you! Your help saved me sooooo much time and effort as I had no clue what to do! I thought I would add a screen shot of the change:
  2. Hello all, after a single inventory item sales the product picture continues to display (this is fine) but instead of the tab displaying the "Out of Stock" message I would much prefer it to say "SOLD!" until I refill the inventory quantity with another item. Can anyone direct me on how to do this? In what file do I find the "Out of Stock" verbiage which I could change to "SOLD!" Thank you all for any help! Tony PS: I am using latest version of CubeCart and the Custom Foundation 5 Skin Configuration skin by SemperFi if that should matter. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Hi Will, yes, I tried FireFox, Brave, and whatever is on my Android tablet and was having the issue. After clearing the cache it worked. Give Brave a try, cuts out the ads, I really like it. Take care Tony
  4. bsither, thank you for the response and your comments! I included a screenshot which shows the error happening within a CubeCart page. Have the latest version of CubeCart installed: v6.2.2 I am checking to make sure all the files uploaded properly for the Help mod. Thank you again! Tony
  5. Still trying to figure it out. ๐Ÿคจ Is it possible some line is set to look in the wrong folder/location?? There was early confusion on my part about where the modules should be loaded to: either Shop folder or in the main program file folder. Is this possible and if so where can I find the relevant file and what line might need to be redirected?? Any help is appreciated! Tony
  6. Hi Al, thank you for the quick reply! I went to Maintenance Mode then Rebuild tab and I cleared all the cache options and reloaded the browser (which I had previously cleared of everything cookies, browser cache - but still had issue). This worked and no more WTF? moment! ๐Ÿ˜€
  7. So I click over to my site in FireFox and my cubecart comes up like this? Wow! What just happened?
  8. Hello, really like my CubeCart! I recently purchased the Help Desk CC6 plugin. It all appears to have installed fine. The Help tab shows but when I click the Submit button for a new Help Ticket it goes to this page and shows this error message: 404 - Page Not Found Sorry but the page you are looking for could not be found. Here is the link in the URL bar: http://www.rollerpigeon.com/index.php?_a=submit_ticket I been trying to figure it out but stumped and now I ask the experts! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you all in advance! Tony I apologize for placing this in the wrong forum - Moderators, can I ask it to be moved to the correct one? Technical forum?? TY