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  1. Thanks for the info again. I have 753 images over 350kb. this could be a long night. I am importing the images that come straight from a ZIP file on to the server then extracting it, they are not categorized. When I import the product catalogue, it automatically links the image based on the image name. The import file does not have a path, will this automatically find the file in any of the image folders that I create and split them into? or will all images need to be in the root image folder? Just trying to sort out before I import the whole product database. Tha
  2. Is there a limit on the number of images you can have in a folder? I have upload an images catalogue of 19,513 images and I'm getting the following error. If I delete most of them it starts to work. I get this error when I go into images then into the folder that I created called prod_img. Largest file size is 7.72mb HTTP 500 error That’s odd… the website can’t display this page The site may be undergoing maintenance or could have a programming error. Any ideas?
  3. ok i'm back up and running. I'll try that again later... thanks for the quick responses.
  4. I can't get into CubeCarts Admin I have access to the files via hosting file manager but that is all.
  5. HELP!! I've just installed the Enhanced Manufacturer plugin, free trial to see how it look and test it. But my site has gone down once it loaded. HTTP 500 error That’s odd… the website can’t display this page
  6. Is there away of list manufacturers on the front page? I'm using the default skin, foundation but wondered if this allows them to be listed in side box?
  7. That makes even more sense. Thanks for clarifying Al
  8. ok thank you, I will give them a go and have a look at your demo. Thanks
  9. Can anyone tell what the point of the button is on checkout after you have made payment? From the basket, you click pay with paypal, it takes you to paypal, you login and complete the transaction and it returns you back to your shopping basket but also asks you to click on the 'Make Payment' button with a message at the top saying "Please click "Make Payment" to complete your order." If you don't everything goes through order wise as if you had clicked it I think? and at this point you have already paid but the button state 'Make Payment' confusing! **** ok, I figured out
  10. Can I clarify, is it better to use the invisible one over V2?
  11. Thanks for your reply bsmither. I will keep that in mind if it comes up again. Cheers.
  12. Good question. Something I wouldn't mind knowing too.
  13. Sorted the above. Deleted paypal account and started again. seemed to sort it out.
  14. Does anyone know why I am getting this error on my checkout? It is a new setup. I get it as soon as I hit pay with paypal. I have the following Paypal Extension installed: PayPal Website Payments Pro & Express Checkout integration. The following errors were detected: Error: Security header is not valid Security error Regards Mike
  15. Excellent. Let me know when you have and I will test it for you. Once that's in place and I'm setup I will get the advanced reporting. Cheers
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