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    Thank you so much for your prompt responses It works I can see there is some learning to do which I will enjoy It is good to see an active forum thanks again
  2. arie

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    Hi there I am new to Cube Cart and the forum I have tried many a cart program and am pleasantly surprised by Cube Cart It has been easy to install on a local computer and is not dragged down by to many bells and whistles and more importantly it has the speed the others do not have As i am of advancing years my speed in learning new things has somewhat reduced so just a couple of questions In the Top-Bar i am able to change the color but it only goes partially across eg .top-bar { background-color:#ffff7f; } is there a way changing it to make it go the whole way ? Also is there a way to create a link on the top menu for customers to return to my websites home page in case the do not want to continue shopping ? Many thanks in advance
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