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  1. Okay, thank you . I appreciate your assistance.
  2. Okay, thank you. Any thoughts about where the colors can be changed for the 'Your Shopping Basket' (the fields for what is in the basket, the weight, shipping method, etc.)?
  3. Hello, Does anyone know where I can change the size of the font for the 'welcome' title ? Also, the font(s) for Featured, Best Sellers, Latest Products, etc. These fonts are way too large, and detract from the rest of the page(s) when viewed. Also, where can the colors be changed for the 'Your Shopping Basket' (the fields for what is in the basket, the weight, shipping method, etc.)? I have been searching the CSS files in the foundation and in the skin I am using, and so far have not found anything. I am using cubecart 6.2.2. and a custom skin. Thank you for your time and consideration
  4. Hello, Would someone please help me with a bxslider problem. My images do not fit the slider properly. There is a relatively wide white background margin to the right of the image. I tried resizing the images several times, but that does not change anything. I have looked for a file to make adjustments to the slider, but have not had any luck. No matter how large or how small I make the image, the white margin stays relatively the same. I am using cubecart 6.2.2 . Thank you for your time and consideration.
  5. okay I am sorry this has been so bad. Maybe we should just hang it up for tonight. You have been banging away at this problem for hours. I have taken way too much of your time. Maybe, if you are willing, we can continue sometime later today. I will leave the site online. Thank you for your patience.
  6. The red 'flag' is gone now. There is still purple and orange hover and orange sub cat button. Do you think that the stylesheet I found in the skin folder named : css3menu1 is causing a problem? There is a stylesheet in this folder that primarily deals with ul#css3menu1. It deals with background color, background images and hover colors.
  7. okay, here is what cubecart.default.css looks like now.
  8. Okay, I have added that rule, but once again I have a red 'flag' beside the line number with: Expected RBRACE at line 29 col 88. I am still in cubecart.default.css
  9. There is nothing in the cubecart, but I did locate a css file in the skin that primarily deals with ul#css3menu1 li. It deals with background colors, hovers and images.
  10. Okay, I copied #501078 to background color, and used the rgba's (80,16.120,1) and (56,11,83,0). However, I honestly do not know what rule is missing. I don't remember doing anything except what you instructed me to do. Perhaps I deleted something by accident. If that is the case, I have absolutely no idea what is missing. There was no storefront color change when I made the rule color changes just now. Also, I just checked a screenshot I made after I added the grey and first purple. There are only two rules showing even at that point. I have copies of cubecart and the skin. I will see if I can locate whatever is missing.
  11. There are 3 rgba colors in the one and only two in the other. ul#css3menu1, ul#css3menu1 ul, ul#css3menu1 a { background-color: #151515; /* Non-hover color -- Change to suit */ } ul#css3menu1 li:hover > a, ul#css3menu1 li a.pressed { background-color: #501078; /* Hover color -- Change to suit */ background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(-90deg,rgba(80,16,120,1),rgba(56,11,83,0) 45px,rgba(56,11,83,0)); } ul#css3menu1 ul li:hover > a, ul#css3menu1 ul li > a.pressed { background-color: #c1560e; /* Hover color submenu -- Change to suit */ background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(-90deg,rgba(215,96,16,1),rgba(193,86,14,0)); }
  12. The background-image of the new rule should match the old?
  13. Oh my. I have not deleted anything from the file. I can't imagine where the file got off to. So, I need to change the top menu from the dark grey to a purple?
  14. okay, that is what I did. There is no change. There is still orange and purple. Would you like a screen shot of the file?
  15. oh, okay lol. Did you want me to add the new rule or replace the old rule with the new?
  16. Did you just say something to me? I was working in the css file and thought I saw a notification, but I don't see anything.
  17. ok, I will go make these changes right now, and come back to the color thing. Ok, I have made the three template changes. I also reset the restrict to IP.
  18. I just checked debug mode because I was sure I enabled it. I am sorry, It was set to restrict mode to my IP. I believe that you should be able to do whatever it was/is that you were trying to do now. My mistake.
  19. Certainly, allow me a coup of sec's to put it online.
  20. Okay, not a problem. I will fix that. Any thoughts about the purple/orange mix hover or the orange sub-cat button? Thank you for your patience.
  21. I enabled debugging, and added the code that you gave me to : skin's /css/cubecart.default.css file. I was able to change the button grey, but the hover is a color mix that includes the orange I wanted to get rid of. Also, the button for the sub-catagory is still orange. Is the color for the sub button located somewhere else? When I added the code to the css file, there is a red 'flag' beside the line number. When I mouse over this, there is the message: Expected RBRACE at line 23 col 28. I have included two screen shots in case they may be helpful. Thank you again.
  22. okay, I will enable the debugging, and add the code. Thank you for your time, and assistance.
  23. The only change that is left to make, is changing the grey color of the category buttons, and the orange color of the category buttons hover. Originally the bar at the top, and the buttons for search, add to basket, etc, were orange like the category hover. Those colors were changed in blackout.css . I want to deepen the grey of the category buttons, and change the color of the category hover. So I need to change the category grey buttons and the orange hover in cubecart.default.css?
  24. Not a problem, I have set the store to 'online' status for you. I just was not exactly sure what you were wanting. Here is the store URL: https://theravensroost.net/darkmoon/
  25. Hello, Do you want the store or access to the css files? I have the store offline because I am still in the process of working on it.
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