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  1. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! By the way, over the past year I have tried just about ALL of the carts out there and I am back to cubecart.
  2. Thanks bsmither. The image below will make more sense on what I am would like to achieve. Probably requires major surgery but might be a good idea for a plugin.
  3. Not sure if this is an add on or if possible doing some hacking... instead of choosing a product color option using radio, select or checkbox I would like to use small 30px X 30px images of red, blue, black etc.that customers could click on to select a color. I've experimented converting a radio list using some CSS but things got messy. If anyone has any ideas that would be great!
  4. Any plans for an updated free or paid authorize.net payment module? According to the Auth.net Website SIM and AIM are on death row... Something to think about and could prevent panic and hassle down the road.
  5. bsmither, Thank you for your quick response. I am well into developing a store for a client and want to head off any problems before it goes live. BTW, I am really enjoying working with CubeCart! Very impressive and well thought out script. I spent a whole lot of time checking out hosted and self hosted carts and I am glad I found CC.
  6. I just received an email from Authorize.net stating that they will be "phasing out the MD5 based hash use for transaction response verification in favor of the SHA-512 based hash utilizing a Signature Key". Will this be a problem with the current Auth.net module? Thanks! https://support.authorize.net/s/article/MD5-Hash-End-of-Life-Signature-Key-Replacement
  7. Hi, According to https://developer.authorize.net/api/upgrade_guide/ AIM & SIM are depreciated for Authorize.net. SIM is being replaced with something called "Accept Hosted". Any plans on updating the Authorize.net payment gateway extension or perhaps instructions? Thanks!
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