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  1. Hi Dave, If you use CSS attribute selectors you can probably manage without having to add a div or edit the html at all. If the attributes are generated dynamically you can use * to style any attribute containing a particular string of characters. Usually dynamically generated attributes will have some common characters eg myforminputxyz, inputxyz_myform, thismodinputxyz_name. To target all of those you could use similar to this. Example any div ID containing inputxyz div[id*="inputxyz"] { border: 1px solid red; } or similar ^ instead of * for any span with a class starting with button_myform eg class='button_myform123' span[class^="button_myform"] { border: 1px solid #f80b03; } You can add a custom .css file if you prefer not to hack the original files to safeguard for future updates.
  2. Hi again, I got that sorted all good now. Thank you for an excellent App!
  3. Hi, I am new to CubeCart I installed it yesterday I am impressed excellent work Thank You! Everything works very well except one issue regarding digital download set-up. I set up a product as a digital download and assigned a specific link to the file this works fine and after payment a buyer can log in and access their download. Although that is fine for me and I can happily use that method, for convenience I uploaded some files to the 'files' folder but when I enter the download manager to pick one of those files it says there are no files, I then uploaded some files to the 'public' folded under the files folder these files do not show in the picker either. Any ideas?
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