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  1. Using a pixel to ram calculator ensured that 1.538 is the correct rem to use, which centred it perfectly in the middle. Regards
  2. Hmmm still did nothing to margin? Error now removed from line. Ctrl F5 couple of times, margin hasn't adjusted?
  3. Hi, tried this and it didn't work. Have I done this right? Error comes up in line of page, saying 'unknown property top-margin'. This is what this foundation/cubecart.css.default file looks like: cubecart.default.css ( ASCII text ) /* Use this to add specific CSS for this subtheme */ .nav-boxes { top-margin: 1.5rem; }
  4. Hi I have been using Cubecart and php for 3 days now, having a go at designing my own site. Yep, complete newbie. After 3 days, this is what I've got - I know the images are uneven, but I'll work on that later. https://thesoapcauldron.com I'm using the latest version of Cubecart 6.2 with foundation skin, but I would appreciate some help with adding a buffer/padding/extra space to the top of the boxes in header - ie currency, login & search boxes - as they are too high up the top of the page. I would like the search box to be located further down in the white space, and some additional space above the currency and the other small boxes. I know I'm new, but my main.php file just lists the 12 columns, there is no 'padding 5px' text in the file. I have played with my custom css file and adjusted the location of these small boxes and obviously I've adjusted the numbers in the 12 columns to get the logo wider. It's frustrating having to keep going back to remember what files I've changed, but I'm learning a lot! Tried using the Firefox firebug (doesn't appear to save in extensions menu?) and a Chrome developer app, but these are all gobbledygook to me and I find that they don't work well in either Firefox or Chrome. Any suggestions for css editors similar to these that are free? If anyone would like to help, please list the path of files in cpanel us newbies should follow to add the increased space above the small boxes in header...any other feedback on how my site looks is welcome. Many thanks, Michelle Cohen
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