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  1. Hello bsmither thanks for the welcome and quick reply, I had a look at the link you posted, very useful my HTML and CSS knowledge is limited but by changing float: left; to float: center, with the dev tools on chrome I've achieved a better result, Any issues with doing it like this? and also, is it possible to add a header above the expiry and CVV fields like the card number field? *EDIT* just tried this on the live site and it screws the footer up aligning everything down the left column so i guess its a global value?
  2. Hello all, first time creating a e-commerce site and I'm new to the whole web design thing too but I've been building www.fishingandfieldsports.co.uk and I'm relatively happy with where I'm at now in terms of design however when I've tried to setup Stripe to take payments I cant seem to get the payment screen itself to display properly the fields are mangled into one, can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm currently using a modified version of the e-trend blue skin, I've tried this with the custom foundation skin too and it seemed to work okay but I can't style that skin how I would like too so any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)
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