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  1. This worked good. The biggest problem with this cart is there are no instructions. If you can point me to a written list of instructions of how to operate this cart I sure would appreciate it. In the meantime I have three more questions. At the top of the cart beside of the logo and under the search box there is an open blank space. How can one add some advertising information in this section? I have been playing around with adding categories and sub-categories under the parent. I think I have it figured out but I cannot fine how to remove (delete) categories and their subs. The third question, on the main page there are sliding messages. It says under the photos that under file manager>documents that these messages can be edited using the Rich Text Editor and the photos changed. Where is the Rich Text Editor and these three images? I cannot find them under the document section. Again, thanks for your assistance.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I found where to upload an image for a logo, but I cannot locate how to locate it. I want to remove the logo that came with the cart and replace it with mine. I have my logo uploaded.
  3. I have just downloaded Cube Cart and I am a novice at trying to install and setup anything on a computer. I suppose I will be pestering you guys until I can get familiar with this lingo. My first question is how to remove the store logo on the cart and install my logo. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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