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  1. Thanks for the demo link. I will look at it and discus to my boss... Ps: I had been sent to you some message on this system almost a month ago. https://forums.cubecart.com/messenger/25197/ did you see my message about fully managed VPS Server Hi Can you provide us with a backend demo? We need to see the 'skin configure plugin' and we need to use left and right side column on the skin. Left side for a menu, right side for the additional information like contact us, quality certification etc. And also we have another web site with CubeCart Version: 4.4.2. Do you have responsive skin for suitable for this version? Best regards. Yalcin
  2. can you share demo link for Retail Therapy Skin and this is suitable for CubeCart v6.0.10. isn't it?
  3. Hi; Can you suggest a good responsive skin for our CubeCart v6.0.10. Yalcin
  4. Hi; We would like to use your 'CubeCart Template (Responsive)' but our web site has a big amount of category (around 100 category items). We can't use the template with this menu type construction. Is there a way to add an option for hiding and show the category menu on a mobile version. Thanks Yalcin
  5. hi; Do you have any demo site for this template? Yalcin
  6. Hi; Do you have any demo site for this template? Yalcin
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