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  1. Thank you for the help bsmither, it worked and I have the arrow just how I want it. www.MisterGreggy.com/shopping
  2. www.MisterGreggy.com/shopping Many of the items I have listed are on other sites, such as Amazon, TeeSpring, and eBay. I added links in the descriptions of those items that go to the other online store. A few things are digital downloads (ebooks I've written). The sort function wasn't working so I commented it out. It was very helpful to learn that the Smarty parser looks at {* *} as comments (instead of <!-- -->). My next task is to figure out how to have a header image for the sale items page like the other pages. Editing the coding was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and a lot more fun.
  3. Hello I'm using the minimaliser skin (blue) and on the category links I have "shirts" with dropdown links. I figured out to increase the font size but I can't figure out how to enlarge the small down-pointing arrow. I'd even be happy just changing it's color to something more noticeable, especially on a mobile device. There the arrow is so small and flush right it's barely visible. www.MisterGreggy.com/shopping
  4. Hello to all CubeCart users of quality and others... I am overwhelmed trying to set up PayPal for my store (www.MisterGreggy.com/shopping). My main confusion is which PayPal API to use. These are the options available: REST Braintree SDK NVP/SOAP I'm using the extension PayPal Pro & Express Checkout payments 1.2.2 Plugin - CubeCart Limited I've attached the admin panel screenshot and the options. Anybody know what's going on here? Thanks!! UPDATE: As per the instructions on the config settings page, I chose REST since it was the only one displaying an option to "Create App". It gave me 3 fields: PayPal Account Client ID Secret The config screen wants this data: Client ID Username Password Signature I have the client ID now, where do I get the info for the other fields? This is frustrating! UPDATE UPDATED: I got a reply from PayPal, hopefully this should work To get your API Username, Password and Signature, follow these steps: • Log into your PayPal account at www.paypal.com • navigate to www.paypal.com/api • Under the NVP/SOAP API Integration heading toward the bottom, click "Manage API credentials". • If you don't already have an API signature, you will need to click on "Request API Signature" then "Agree and Submit". • Click on "Show" next to each of the fields to display the credentials.
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