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  1. When trying to upgrade my site to 6.2.9 the upgrade fails, I have run the hosting test tool to compare this with another site running 6.2.9 and the differences are Zip Fail! Zip is not installed. ZipArchive Fail! ZipArchive is not installed. How do I fix this? Any help would be much appreciated Regards Ian Clegg
  2. Thanks for the prompt replies, my site hosting package is being upgraded and may take another 5 days to complete. I will try the extension as soon as I can. Thanks again for the help Regards Ian
  3. My site is for a Plant Centre, I have explored all options that I have found regarding a part delivery of a batch of Plants. If I have an order for say 6 Begonias and when I start to pick the order I find that I have only 4 suitable plants, is there a prefered method to 1 Change the Customers Order 2 Alter the invoice and payment methods 3 issue a new invoice and create an order for a later Delivery Any help would be much appreciated. Cubecart is an excellent product with lots of options Regards Ian
  4. Is it possible to print a product list Regards
  5. I am evaluating cubecart and have decided to accept bank transfers as my preferred method of payment. I have implemented the bank transfer add-in and am wondering if it is possible to in clude the message 'Please make a payment of £xx.xx by bank transfer, on receipt you order will be completed and posted to you. Thanks in anticipation Ian Clegg
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