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  1. Upon upgrading to 6.2.6, I found that the Product Description tab of all products is unusable. When modifying a product, I go into the product description tab, but the description information that's already in there is not visible and I'm unable to modify anything. The information that was previously in Product Description still shows in the customer view. All other tabs in the product are working fine. All products show the same problem. If I try to create a new product, same problem (the Product Description tab is unmodifiable). Everything else on the site and in the admin seems to be working properly. Product description.pdf
  2. Ah, well, er... I did what you said (killed all related saved passwords inside Chrome), and there you go, problem solved. Back up and running with automated store emails. I have no idea how my browser could commandeer the passwords established in either the store admin or my webserver, when I haven't touched either of them for many months... but I'm happy just to move on! Thanks much for the help!
  3. Agree. And thanks for the rapid response, Al. SMTP has been set at e25.ehosts.com for a very long time. I have reset the password several times with no change in error message. Username has been set at [email protected] without change, also for a very long time. Not sure what else to try.
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