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  1. Is there a solution for this problem? Advice? Something? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have one strange problem with translated text/words in navigation menu. Only, I mean only navigation text menu changes every 24h from my custom created language and resets to original default/English. Every single day I have to go in Settings/Languages and edit my default language - Phase Group/Navigation .. to click "Save" and "Clear Cache". Any advice? ps: ... I do not have to input translated word again every day in "Navigation" drop down menu.... they are all in there - already translated... Like i mentioned.. just have to click "save" and "clear cache", again, again every day...
  3. ... I´m talking about "send" button on contact form ... after reCaptcha confirmation-the form stays freezed - you can hit button how much you like - the form stays filled with information, and the button doesn´t react at all..... Without reCaptcha, everything works just fine. Would you like me to send you a private message with link to "contact-us" page? ps: - how I mentioned, this is happening only on this page after reCaptcha ... Thank you. K. R.
  4. Hi, I have another question about form on contact-us page. I enabled yesterday ... in Store Settings-Bot Protection-Google reCaptcha v2 (the Invisible option). Everything is working just fine with reCaptcha other pages in CubeCart (examp. shoping cart), only on this page / "contact-us.html" - "contact form" doesn´t want to send a message (reCaptcha images are choosen corectly - all right) . Can you check, please? Thank you ps: - btw ... for example, when you first confirm recaptcha in order/shopping checkout page ... after that - the button on "contact-us" form works ok.
  5. Hi, thank you for your quick reply ... the answer no. 2 solved my problem - THANK YOU! ... but problem no. 1 still exists ... at fullscreen mode there is no displayed "x" in the top right corner and also there is no click to move to the next image... I was thinking about this problem ... did you test BASIX theme in this way (like in my case) ... cubecart is installed in subfolder of the main "public-html" directory? or it is doesn´t meter ... I am asking because of links configured in theme etc. Thank you
  6. Hello, I bought a new template Basix and the problem is solved. K.R.
  7. All right... My second question is ... is it possible to change the name "contact-us.html" to my local language "something.html" ... or I have to create a new document to do this?... According mentioned for example ... if I create a new document "something.html" how to implement an interactive form also? Can U help about what to paste into code section (in new document)? Thank you
  8. Hello, first the "Basix" template is super and nice looking . I have two questions… 1. When I choose one product - Item that has a few Images… and when I click on image to show fullscreen there is a bug. Image showed up, but there is no way in web browser - how to close the shown image like in "Fundation" basic Skin. You can´t just click on image to close it (also there is no other images showed under) - you have to press ESC on keyboard to exit fullscreen. 2. My second question is how to remove five stars under product/item list (Product/Review comments are disabled in store settings)? ... Thank you
  9. Hi, there is no Site document "Contact us" shown on the list located in Dashboard -> Documents . Page "contact-us.html" exists and working just fine. I have CubeCart 6.2.4 .Thank you.
  10. Hello. I have the same problem... no Image shown on the Product Page... after "F5" refreshing the page ... picture loaded ok! I tried PedrooNL patch but it didn´worked for me. Please, is there any procedure how to solve this issue?
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