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  1. Hi, thank you for your quick reply ... the answer no. 2 solved my problem - THANK YOU! ... but problem no. 1 still exists ... at fullscreen mode there is no displayed "x" in the top right corner and also there is no click to move to the next image... I was thinking about this problem ... did you test BASIX theme in this way (like in my case) ... cubecart is installed in subfolder of the main "public-html" directory? or it is doesn´t meter ... I am asking because of links configured in theme etc. Thank you
  2. Hello, first the "Basix" template is super and nice looking . I have two questions… 1. When I choose one product - Item that has a few Images… and when I click on image to show fullscreen there is a bug. Image showed up, but there is no way in web browser - how to close the shown image like in "Fundation" basic Skin. You can´t just click on image to close it (also there is no other images showed under) - you have to press ESC on keyboard to exit fullscreen. 2. My second question is how to remove five stars under product/item list (Product/Review comments are disabled in store settings)? ... Thank you
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