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  1. Hello everyone,, Having a strange problem with our site in the past few days where the cart is really playing up, we're getting people having "too many redirects" errors when adding multiple items to the cart, its not showing the correct items in the cart, not able to remove products from the cart etc.. rest of the site seems fine apart from the carts.. I switched debug on and this error is at the top.. reversephonelookup.onl/ curated.onl/nba-reddit/ [Notice] /home/demonpai/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php:446 - Undefined variable: selected[Notice] /home/demonpai/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php:446 - Undefined variable: selected[Notice] /home/demonpai/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php:446 - Undefined variable: selected[Notice] /home/demonpai/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php:446 - Undefined variable: selected[Notice] /home/demonpai/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php:446 - Undefined variable: selected[Notice] /home/demonpai/public_html/classes/catalogue.class.php:1100 - Undefined index: contents Any ideas what the problem could be, or has anyone else experienced this? The site is running on PHP version v5.4.45, mysql is v5.0.1
  2. Hello everyone,, I have a online store which currently uses EKMPowershop in shopping cart mode only, which means that I have hyperlinks from our site, that trigger basket entries within the EKM cart - can a similar thing be done with Cube Cart? openweb.onl/whatsapp-web/ modplus.pro/whatsapp-plus/ Looking to switch the cart software as EKM are charging each month, and don't provide an HSBC API module which we also want to move to. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone,, Weeks ago when I embarked on a V6 upgrade, I found that the addressbook table had no entries for company_name. I assumed, this was because the same field in my V3 cart was called 'company' Today, I did a dummy run showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate.vet/ of upgrading the live site, just for timings etc. However, before I did, i renamed this field 'company_name', hoping that after the upgrade to V6, this field in 'addressbook' would be populated. However, it's still empty. Am i correct in assuming that it should be populated, it is so in the 'customer' table, but not in the 'addressbook' Alternatively could anyone suggest an SQL script which goes along the lines, copy company_name from customer_table to addressbook_table where customer_id = customer_id
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