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  1. so I use paypal to create shipping labels. Is there any way I can connect paypal with cubecart so that the tracking numbers automatically get added to my orders? I can do it manually, but I never have time to do this so I'd LOVE if It could be automated.... and in the process change the order status from "processing" to "shipped" or completed thoughs? Mike B
  2. I just got this.... Subject: XEvil 5.0 solved captcha on your website! Juliasox <[email protected]> wrote to <redacted> --------------- Malaga CF ---------------
  3. think they could manually be sending this spam? I kinda doubt that oh and it's XEvil, not REvil for some of the spam.... the rest is usually in russian
  4. hi all! is there anything better than the V2 invisible or click box recaptcha? I am getting a lot of russian spam, a few daily which is annoying, and some spam for REvil purchasing as well. anything better that I cam implement? these spam messages are quite annoying I just upgraded to the latest version of cubecart as well, and have tried several things, yet this spam keeps coming in.. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks! Mike B
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