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  1. is this all by default? nice! I'll dig to see where the settings are, but on the off chance I can't find it. Could you point me in the right direction plz? thanks! Mike B
  2. hi there! Is it possible to send the customer a confirmation email that is in HTML? kinda like the message that NEWEGG sends for the formatting? With my company name and logo on the top, and details of their order? I want my customers to receive something nice... not just a plain text email that is drab and boring... Can I as admin also receive such a confirmation message? I just switched from OCART to CubeCart and I'm already liking the ease of use, and that everything just seems to make sense... Ocart really messes things up pretty badly and chooses the seemingly wrong way to do everything... the USPS shipping module wouldn't even work for me with a clean fresh scratch install! but CUBECART works nice, I'm so happy I switched over.. and that's after running Ocart for 5 years of pain thanks all! Mike B
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