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  1. @lyndsiesal just to let you know that 1.0.1 has just been released which includes the disable on homepage functionality and some other tweaks.
  2. Hey, currently the popup will display on any page of the website you land on, be that the homepage, category or product pages, etc. Once displayed it wouldn't show again until the reset hits which you control in the settings. Conditionally disabling the popup on the homepage is a good suggestion and we'll look at rolling this into the next update 1.0.1. Thanks
  3. Yeah that seems better on mobile now - you get some form of acknowledgement that something happened when you add to cart, especially with the scroll to top on the button click, good luck with the site!
  4. Look good - like the loading spinner using your 'K' logo, the non-shop part of the website looks nice too, good luck!
  5. Good luck with the store! Looks like you managed to fix the sale items header?
  6. I would probably have at the very least a visible link/button to the cart in the header, maybe include the cart total and quantity total too. It shouldn't take up too much room
  7. We developed this plugin, if you have any questions about it leave us a comment here or contact us on email through the extension page.
  8. Congratulations on your latest store. The mini cart is a little hard to find on mobile as it's within the navigate button at the top. Could be rectified with an added to cart notification or floated basket or similar technique. Hope your new website goes well.
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