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  1. Switched to PayPal standard and it's now working. Not sure how to use the "PayPal Checkout" without getting errors. Will use this until a better extension is available.
  2. When you go to basket to checkout, there are 2 PayPal buttons. Click on PayPal button. It opens a PayPal window, you select pay method, sends you back to cart. Tells you to select ship method, select...then it refreshes page. PayPal buttons are gone.
  3. It worked this time. Sec ckout is gone and the PayPal buttons are back. Thanks so much. I probably messed up the first go round.
  4. Going to do it now. I used Maintenance to clear the cache. Checked in chrome and edge, still showing Secure ckout button
  5. Couldn't find the coding above
  6. No, did the edits below The edits look good, but let's make a few other edits to see where we stand. From this: {/foreach} {/if} {/if} {if $RELATED} To this: {/foreach} {else}No checkouts{/if} {else}$DISABLE_CHECKOUT_BUTTON is true{/if} {if $RELATED} Then we can trace down why it is that CubeCart thinks there should be no checkouts
  7. paypal is still enabled secure checkout button and both paypal buttons are back Would it help if I give you test info for you to checkout on site? PayPal provides sandbox for testing.
  8. {if $DISABLE_CHECKOUT_BUTTON!==true} {if $CHECKOUTS} {* Hiding this row *} <div class="row hide"> <div class="small-12 columns text-right">-- {$LANG.common.or} --</div> </div> {foreach from=$CHECKOUTS item=checkout} <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns text-right pad thickpad-bottom">{$checkout}</div> </div> {/foreach} {/if} {/if} {if $RELATED} <div class="show-for-medium-up"> <h2>{$LANG.catalogue.related_products}</h2>
  9. bsmither, I altered the skin template content.checkout.php (skins/foundation/templates/content.checkout.php) It took away the Secure Checkout box/square....but the PayPal boxes/squares are gone also. Did I do it wrong? I used Notepad++ software.
  10. Thank you bsmither. You are a prized resource for CubeCart.
  11. I've been lurking for days, searching for fixes. I've found a lot of answers, but still have a few left. I would be ever so grateful if y'all could help me out. Thank you! Sorry it's so long. --Wendy https://bea-wen.com CubeCart Version 6.2.5 Foundation skin PayPal Checkout 1.2.4 Hooks: PayPal Pro(I did not put it there) ----------- no other payment options ------------- ======================== CART: 1. "View Basket" page, bottom right shows: 'Secure Checkout'(button/square) -- or -- PayPal(button/square) PayPal Credit(button/square) **How to remove: 'Secure Checkout'(button/square) **How to put space between the PayPal buttons ~~~~~~~ 2. Click PayPal button= Takes you to PayPal login or create acct page. After login= PayPal page to select pay method. Continue= Edit Address page and error: The following errors were detected: We seem to have a problem with your address ("Default billing address"). Please check the value for "County" before proceeding. choose county(should say State) and click SAVE= Address has been updated and new shipping options may be available. Click "Checkout" to proceed. Click "Secure Checkout" select ship method using drop down options page automatically refreshes shows summary Click "MAKE PAYMENT" Many thanks for your order! Payment has been received and your order is now being processed. **How to checkout without a PayPal acct?(maybe a guest checkout) **How to change text on Edit Address page? **How to add text above the shipping selection area? **How to use radio buttons for shipping options that now are in a drop down? **Any way to reduce the steps it takes to checkout? ======================== IMAGES: **How to make images a bit smaller on Product page-viewed in laptop browser? **What is the best size for pics uploaded? ======================== Error log full of Time/Zone errors.(3392) File: [controller.index.inc.php] Line: [27] "SET @@time_zone = 'America/New_York'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'America/New_York' **How to fix error? **How to get rid of those 3392 errors?
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