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  1. Hello, Was just notified my Cube Cart was having problems from a customer with a notification of: The following errors were detected: Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries. I checked all my shipping modules and the ones I have selected are still selected so not sure why I am not getting any shipping options when placing a test order. I went into the Store Settings and checked on "Allow no shipping" to a green check and was able to get past the notification which allowed completion of the order BUT there was no shipping added to the order! Please help!! Saw a posting from Al Brookbanks which stated: Hi, If you get the error message, we cannot ship to your country, or you have other shipping methods enabled too but UPS just won't show up please replace the file: /modules/shipping/UPS/calc.php with the one attached. Please note that this fix ONLY works with 3.0.6. calc.php Not sure where I would find the code to insert but, also noticed this posting was in 2006!! Thank you, Rick Muller
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