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  1. Hi dear bsmither I haven't tried yet but it sounds solved my problems. really appreciated for your help.
  2. it sounds too complicated. how can I change the text from "add to basket " to "Paypal Checkout" and automatic forwarding to basket checkout page when clicked? which line or file should be edited?
  3. maybe I should keep add to basket button, How can I create direct paypal checkout button as another button next to the add to basket button. I tried and I can create another button with link <a class="button" href="https://paypal.co.uk" title="paypal"> Paypal Checkout</a> but how can I hook up my paypal to the link?
  4. Hi bsmither thank you So much helped me out. is it possible to change add to basket button to paypal checkout button? thanks again Ricky
  5. How Could I add a link button next to add to basket button? which file to edit? any one done this before please help
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