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  1. If this is the wrong place to ask, please let me know. I am setting up some info to test drive cubecart and I just noticed that order quantity is capped at 999. Does this cart "assume" all purchasing units of measure are each ? If so, can this easily be changed ? We purchase items that are stocked in cartons after production, but these carton quantities vary and our customers do not order by carton, they order per thousands (mostly anyway). This creates my problem. All customers usually order in per 1000 quantities. Can the order quantity be changed to accomodate upto say 9,999,999 ? If not, then I'll have to search for other options. Thanks, Mark
  2. That sounds like exactly what I need. I'll install the trial next week and give it a test drive. Thank you!
  3. Just downloaded and installed cubecart. I like it so far, but .... I have a specific need. I need the ability to block customers from seeing all products. What would be ideal would be for the program to only should products that are assigned to a users group when they log in. We have a wide range of customers that would not appreciate wading thru lists of products that they would never order. By assigned customers to a specific group, and then only having products displayed that for a group. Is something like this possible ? As an example. Customers A, B, & C are assigned group Tickets and Customers D & E are assigned group Checks. When someone from group Checks logs-in, they can only view and order products for that group. Am I making sense ? Mark
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