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  1. Found the issue, Thanks for the help bsmither much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. I changed this to 600 reference="medium" maximum="600" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> worked but from not changing size, when inspected in firefox it appears to be held back by the column https://toolsetups.co.nz/tungsten-carbide-burr-set.html thanks for the help.
  3. Help please, I widen my foundation standard theme via cubecart.default.css and inserting .row {max-width: 80%;} I'm now wanting to widen the product image size to match this change. I search this forum and found the below topic, but it doesn't seem to match up to the file in the latest foundation theme, can someone point me in the right direction. see website https://toolsetups.co.nz/tungsten-carbide-burr-set.html
  4. Thank you I got it sorted
  5. Hi, I'm trying to setup the stripe payment gateway, In test mode I'm getting a blank page after entering the credit card detail and hitting the make payment button. this is the link I get taken to https://toolsetups.co.nz/index.php?_a=gateway I'm running the latest version of cubecart and stripe plugin. Any help will be much appreciated.
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