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  1. From latest version of Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Firefox seems to work slightly better, but still with issues) Tested Chrome on OS: MAC OS 10+, Windows 7,8,10+, GNU/Linux Ubuntu 16.04 - 18.04.2 The issue can be re-created on the platforms I have tested, from cubcart's demo store. Website tested: https://demo.cubecart.com/cc6/index.php When the product is initially opened, no picture is shown. When you hit refresh or the corresponding link, the image appears. Once the images are loaded in to local cache, the images load consistently and correctly. A patch other than a note on the page that says "If the picture doesn't appear hit the REFRESH button." would be of great use, especially for people who are first time visitors to any cubcart site running the Foundation skin. Possible area to look closer at... 2.cubecart.js ??? ; var validation_ini = {}; jQuery(document).ready(function() { if($('a.open-clearing img#img-preview').length) { var ip = $('a.open-clearing img#img-preview'); var ip_height = ip.height(); var ip_width = ip.width(); var min_height = ip_width * 0.7; if(ip_height<min_height) { ip_height = min_height; } $('a.open-clearing img').css({'max-height': ip_height+'px'}); $('#open-clearing-wrapper').css({'min-height':ip_height+'px', 'max-height': ip_height+'px'}); } Thanks for CubeCart, -PCK
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