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  1. I don't know PHP, I just make minor edits to fix the sort of issues detailed in this thread, but good to know I picked an editor that's up to the job. I found it very easy to use, no fuss, no frills just a nice clean, simple program.
  2. Hi I've made the change to cubecart.class.php and all is now working prefectly i.e. all sale items are appearing in the corresponding category I downloaded Notepad++ to edit the file, which has done the job perfectly, nice simple programme. Should also take away any concerns that Dreamweaver might be doing some odd things that aren't obvious Thank you for your help, very much appreciated
  3. No worries, again thank you for your quick reply I'll get that edit done and let you know how it goes Thank you for your advice regarding editing php in Dreamweaver, I'll get an alternative editor sorted out Appreciate your help
  4. Hi and thank you for your quick reply I tried to make the change you suggested by opening the file in code view in Dreamweaver, but I couldn't find the text line you mentioned. I even looked for parts of the text usin CTRL + F but still not found in /classes/catalogue.class.php Any further help welcome Thank you
  5. Since upgrading to version 6.5.2 we have the following issue: For reference our shop is located at https://www.airbornesappers.org.uk/shop/index.php We do have products with a Sale price entered, which are less than retail and greater than zero In Store Settings - Features we have Sales Mode set to Per Product, with Number of sale items to display set to 20 I don't know if the upgrade to 6.5.2 has caused this, all I can say is that prior to the upgrade Sale Items were displayed in the Sale Items category I've searched other topics and checked as much as I know what to check but can't fix this error Any help appreciated Thank you
  6. Hi and thank you for your reply I've checked as you outlined and it gives me the path I expected: I checked the directories and folders/files in CPanel and the setup folder showed up there, strange that I wasn't seeing it via FTP. So, I went back to FTP, still not listed so I refreshed the view and there it was and it's now deleted. Following previous upgrades the setup folder was always visible via FTP so I don't know why it wasn't this time. At least I'll have some idea what to do if it happens again Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated Dave
  7. Since upgrading store to 6.5.1 the warning message to delete the setup folder has been constantly displayed. I have checked and there is no Setup folder in the store directory. Any help appreciated Thanks Dave
  8. Thank you. By way of a bit of background for you. In the early stages of our online shop journey we checked out many different platforms including some of the well known names such as ZenCart. We found the setup of these other platforms to be quite difficult and certainly not as well organised and intuitive as CubeCart. The ease of setup and the organised admin area were the main reasons for us deciding to go with CubeCart, a good decision and we look forward to using it for a long time to come. These forum pages have been a big help, we really appreciate you being there and the assistance you provide, keep up the good work because no doubt I'll be back
  9. We are the Airborne Engineers Association, a military association, registered charity number 1009201. Thank you to all concerned for the help via this forum, you really helped get some problems ironed out for us We've kept our shop simple, clean and uncluttered but I'm sure we'll make some changes as we move forward, no doubt we'll be calling on you for more assistance https://www.airbornesappers.org.uk/shop/
  10. Is it possible to change how long each slider image is displayed for?
  11. Fixed, I had previously uploaded to the gateway folder instead of the plugins folder. Now working fine. Thank you.
  12. I just installed this extension, made it active and clicked edit icon. Got a message stating it has a corrupt or missing config.xml file
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