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  1. Thanks! So that's where it popped up at. I was looking everywhere else but there. The one and only WayneSallee
  2. In the store settings, I turned on the clone product option. Where is the clone button? I don't see it anywhere.
  3. Web hosts can be a real pain over nonsense stuff, claiming to give you a certain amount, but not wanting to give it to you. That's why I got my own VPS. If that list is all that you had in you cache when the web host complained, then that is ridiculous. You should turn your cache back on. The one and only WayneSallee. :-)
  4. Yes you can. The one and only WayneSallee. :-)
  5. On the product information you have: Use Stock Level Stock Level Stock Level Warning Put a check mark next to "Use Stock Level" The one and only WayneSallee :-)
  6. On a fresh install, I cloned the Foundation skin as per instructions: https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/202/46/how-do-i-create-a-custom-skin-or-template But when I switch to the cloned skin, I get the following error: - Unable to load template 'file:templates/content.homepage.php' That file does exist in the skin folder. *************************************************************************reply merged**** Never mind. Problem solved. I had a typo that I overlooked, in the config file. The one and only WayneSallee :-)
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