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    Mail failure

    The problem is the one described here: but I really don't know what to do. Email routing is set to remote, I was in touch with both hosting assistance (namecheap) and email manager assistance (zoho) but everything seems to be set proprerly. Something really strange is that if I retype the password in Store settings->Advanced and execute the email test it works, but if I try a second time after saving it doesn't.
  2. Fabi

    Mail failure

    Hi everybody, when someone orders a product on my website, I receive an email with this object: "Mail failure - rejected by local scanning code"; and this text: "A message that you sent was rejected by the local scanning code that checks incoming messages on this system. The following error was given: 'Relaying not permitted'. Apparently no notification email is being sent correctly. Any suggestion? Thank you
  3. Hi everybody, I uploaded a huge amount of items and I need the unaivailable items to be visible as "unavailable". In control panel the items that should have stock 0 figure as stock ∞ and appear available on the web. How do I manage to have items out of stock marked as stock 0 on control panel and as unavailable on my website? Thanks for the attention.
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