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  1. Solved. The problem was coming from the cache, which probably had something corrupted. Reuploading admin and skins folders had no effect. So, I renamed the "cache" folder and created a new "cache" folder. It solved the problem.
  2. Thank you for the very useful explanations. I followed your instructions : created ini-custom.inc.php with the content you suggest saved it in CubeCart's main folder and tried again accessing the admin. But there is no error_log that comes in CubeCart's main folder.
  3. Hi, I was working on CubeCart 6.2.5 front end and suddenly the admin is no longer available. The login splash screen is present when accessed trough the admin_(...).php screen and the login seems working, but I arrive to a blank page. One strange thing is that rying to access the admin folder directly by entering its address in the browser leads to a Not found error : The requested URL /admin_rAnDoM/ was not found on this server. I'm sure about the folder path (as copy pasted and double checked). At some time I did a mistake uploading main.php in the admin's skin default templates instead of the front end templates. However, afterwards, I uploaded the correct file again. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi there, I'm currently updating a translation, by comparing which new strings were added in definitions.xml as compared to the existing translation. I observed that in definitions.xml, for each group, almost all strings for a major version are sorted alphabetically according to their "name" attribute. Unfortunately, a few recent strings Most strings for new major version 6 were put in definitions.xml at the beginning of the groups. Please sort strings alphabetically according to their name attribute, as this makes easier updating the translations. Edit Should one put strings for new major versions (e.g. 6.x.x) above those of previous major versions ? This is what is prevailing in definitions.xml. Al Brookbanks, in order to make the work of translators easier on the long run, can you please provide guidance: Should strings in definitions.xml and translations be sorted alphabetically by their "name" attribute (regardless of major version), or should they be sorted alphabetically by major version and then alphabetically? It would be good agreeing on a standard. Thanks. Julien
  5. Hi, I wonder why the dimensional attributes have been named width height depth and not length width height or length width depth. I find this rather absurd, especially when translating. For me, heigth and depth are almost synonyms. So, when translating in French, instead of width = largeur height =hauteur depth = profondeur I'm very tempted to use here width = longeur (length) height = largeur (width) depth = épaisseur (thickness)
  6. I realize that there are two French language packs and that I was using the older one, named "Français Language Pack" and which is valid up to CubeCart version 5 and hence should be considered deprecated and unpublished: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/languages/francais-language-pack The current French language pack to use is the "Pack de langue Française":https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/languages/pack-de-langue-francaise which is valid up to version 6.0.2 of CubeCart. So, I'm going to upgrade it from version 6.0.2 to the 6.2.5
  7. Just to inform other users of the French language pack (which is currently up to date for version 5.0.0 of CubeCart). I'm currently translating the new strings that were added from version 5.0.0 to the version 6.2.5.
  8. I'm new to Stripe. Can someone explain the "Capture the charge" option? After reading this page https://stripe.com/en-hk/guides/sca-payment-flows , I assume that: - Capture the charge = Yes requires instant payment - Capture the charge = No leaves 7 days to the buyer for paying, so that the can for instance recharge its debit card (prepaid Mastercard/Visa/...). I assume the easy way when selling items is setting "Capture the charge" to "Yes", even if this can make loose some potential buyers. Is my understanding correct ?
  9. Hi Dirty Butter, I had similar issue after migrating a site. I cannot remember exactly where was the string stored, but I would first look at the content of the "skins/<templates-set>/config.xml" file. Where <templates-set> is usually the "foundation" templates set. If you're using Windows, you can use a tool like grepWin to figure out where the fault string is stored. Also, don't forget to clear CubeCart's caches in "ADVANCED > Maintenance". Regards Julien
  10. Hello, I cannot figure out what happened to some additional option attributes that I inserted manually using phpMyAdmin, and which seems having been deleted by CubeCart v. 6.2.5. It is obvious that the option attibutes are stored in table "_option_value". I have an option group named "Keys" to which individual keys "A", "B", "C", ..., "Z", ... were attached as option attributes. From these attributes, I have option sets (=subsets of option attributes) that define the keys present in miscellaneous keyboard layouts. For instance, a "QWERTY UK" and a "QWERTZ DE" option sets. I tried appending new option attributes (e.g. the keys "Γ", "Ψ", "Λ", "Π", ...) so that I could create new keyboard layouts like the Greek one as new option sets. I first did this through CubeCart's admin and this was kind of a nightmare* because the appended attributes got the first priority levels. However, the appended option attributes were stored durably. (*more details here: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55093-option-attributes-badly-sorted-after-adding-more-options/) To avoid the wrong priority issue, I then chose inserting the new attributes directly into the "_option_value" table by using phpMyAdmin. I made sure that every new record had a unique (autoincremented) "value_id" and a unique "priority" level. This was the case and I can confirm that the "_option_value" table was perfect. Then I went into CubeCart admin. The listed option attributes were still only those that were inserted with CubeCart. So, I tried clearing all caches in "Administration maintenance", also cleared the browser cache and restarted the brower. The option attributes that had been inserted manually with phpMyAdmin are away. I mean deleted and no longer present in the database table. I have not done any further edition in CubeCart, appart maybe from deleting some incomplete "Greek keys" option set as I still had more records (Keys) to insert into the database. I is like if CubeCart used some cached version of the database table that overwrote existing database table. I already had observed this deletion of records, but the first time I couldn't believe it. Any explanation?
  11. The site is still in development. But I could find where the problem comes from. Problem / Bug When you add one (or more) new option attributes to an existing option group and click the "Save" button, the new options are saved in table CubeCart_option_value. The last column in this table is "priority", which store the priority indexes in which the option attributes are displayed in the backend (and maybe also in the frontend). If you add a new option attribute, it receive priority index "1". Instead, it should receive priority index MAX(priority)+1. Example Create option values "A", "B", "C", "D" for an option group and save. Add option attribute "E" to the same option group and save. E will receive priority "1". (Partial ?) solution (not tested yet but should work) by Editing the MySQL CubeCart_option_value table: Make sure that the priority column of your "_option_value" tables are unique Using phpMyAdmin, click the "Structure" tab for the "_option_value" table Assign the "priority" column a "Unique" and make it "AUTO_INCREMENT" (check A_I in phpMyAdmin) Note Maybe does Al Brookbanks knows if some code also has to be edited. I assume so. With my solution, the values for the priority field should not be saved and this task delegated to the database. But the "Option Attributes" tab also allows sorting fields by drag & drop and the new order has then to be saved in the priority field. The current code (version 6.2.5) sets new priorities for all options. Although I didn't dig into the code, I assume there is some paradox here. The problem when adding new fields is especially accutes if the existing number of option attributes is important. (There are more than 100 option attributes in my case.) Can someone report this bug in GitHub?
  12. Thank you a lot, Al. I was not aware of the possibility clearing the image cache (and others) from the "ADVANCED -> Maintenance section". I will test it next time as I meanwhile I had found alternative solution by manually deleting the image in "images/cache" using an FTP client. And of course Ctrl+F5 to force full reload (refresh including ressources) of the page. (works at least for Firefox) I also found how to delete images in "FILE MANAGER -> Images section". Julien
  13. Hi, I'm using CubeCart 6.2.5 and cannot find out how to replace or delete an image. Typically, I have category or product images that were uploaded and that I want to replace by better ones (e.g. after the backgound was burned). I tried reuploading : doesn't work. I tried overwriting the source image by FTP in images/sources : doesn't work. The fact is that images are cached. Is there a way to regenerate the cached images from the source folder? Thanks.
  14. Thank you for your explanations ; I better understand the philosophy behind the pictures management. Yes, setting the filepath is the way to go and your SQL query did the trick. Later, I should adapt/convert it into a TRIGGER to maximize comfort. It would be nice if in the filemanager then directly pointed into the product, whilst still allowing navigation one level up to allow selection of pictures possibly shared amongst several products. I took a look at the code, but will have to dig in.
  15. With CubeCart 6.2.5 it is slightly different. In skins/foundation/templates/main.php, go to line 93 of skins/templates/foundation/main.php, and using smarty's syntax, comment out from: {include file='templates/box.newsletter.php'} to {*include file='templates/box.newsletter.php'*} by sandwiching the template insertion line with asterisks. If you plan to never use the newsletter, you can alternatively remove the whole block of code at line 91 to 96 from main.php: <div class="row collapse"> <div class="large-12 columns"> {include file='templates/box.newsletter.php'} <div class="show-for-small-only">{$COPYRIGHT}</div> </div> </div>
  16. What you have to do is to modify the .raw class in the "foundation.css" stylesheet. Near line 127, remove the max-width of 62.5% (or set it to 100%). Change from: .row { margin: 0 auto; max-width: 62.5%; width: 100%; } to .row { margin: 0 auto; width: 100%; } If you want, you can also remove "margin: 0 auto" as this is for centering content.
  17. Hi, My shop is structured like: / (Home) |_Fruits |_Apples |_Red apples |_Green apples |_Bananas |_Oranges |_Pears |_Vegetables |_Carrots |_Potatoes |_Mushrooms |_Button mushrooms |_Morels Currently, only one of the top-level categories is populated and published (e.g. "Fruits"), and consequently, there is only one entry in the main horizontal menu "Fruits". (I'm using the default "foundation" template.) I would like the shop products root (= the root category) being set to the "Fruits" category, so that the menu and thumbnails display "Apples", "Bananas", "Oranges" and "Pears" until I have put some products in other top-level categories. One solution would be to temporarily move "Vegetables", and "Mushrooms" categories as children of an unpublished node, and move "Apples", "Bananas", (...) one level up. Just wondering if there is a way to set root of the shop to some category. I had a look at the store settings but could not find any setting for this. Thanks.
  18. Hi, My shop has about 30 products and 70 product pictures. All pictures being stored in the same folder, I quickly understood that this would not be sustainable on the long term. I also dislike always having to click the "Show assigned images only" button. So, I decided to use a subfolder for each product, which is named by the product id. Here's how I proceeded: 1) Accessed the "Cubecart_Inventory" table 2) Displayed only useful fields with a SQL request: SELECT product_id,product_code,name FROM `CubeCart_inventory` ORDER BY product_id ASC LIMIT 50 3) Using an FTP client, created one subfolder for each product, named by product_id in "images/source" 4) Dragged and dropped the product images into into the subfolders. Now, how to make Cubecart use the subfolders for each product ? I assume these are the possible alternatives: A) Create anSQL trigger on insertions in the "CubeCart_filemanager" table, that catch the "product_id" value in table "CubeCart_image_index" and write it in the field "filepath" of table "CubeCart_filemanager" Edit CubeCart's code. I could find the files concerning product images, but edition doesn't seem easy because the smarty template engine is used. This solution would have my preference, but I assume one difficuly is that the product not necessarily have its id yet when the images are uploaded. C) Change some setting that I ignore. Has someone already implemented such modificatinons? Thanks.
  19. Hi bsmither, Do you mean that smarty made life harder for developers and limits the customization options? My impression is that the smarty template engine makes the templates more readable, but limits the understanding of the underlying logic and possibly only give access to compiled templates. But as I'm new to smarty, I would like to hear about some developers/gurus for Cubecart to be sure that I'm not misunderstanding the pro and cons that smarty involves for cubecart.
  20. Hi peterp, I'm using version 6.2.5. The "$NAVIGATION_TREE$" smarty variable appears being assigned at line 1154 of file "classes/guiclasses.php". See the preceding lines of code to see how the tree is populated and built though the getCategoryTree() and _makeTree methods. This variable is then inserted {$NAVIGATION_TREE} at line 24 of skins/foundation/templates/box.navigation.php . I would recommend that you install a software like grepWin, which let search easily amongts a whole directory (and its descendants) which file(s) contain some piece of code. https://sourceforge.net/projects/grepwin/ and on the developer website: https://tools.stefankueng.com/grepWin.html I'm new to the smarty template engine. I start reading the documentation https://www.smarty.net/docs/en/index.tpl From my current understanding of smarty, the templates are compiled and there are additional folders that I assume we don't have in the distribution, so that part of the programming logic can be hidden to us. You can make Cubecart more chatty by enabling the debugging in "Dashboard > Settings > Advanced", "Performance" section. You can also disable caching there to keep things more simple during customization. Hope this helps. Julien
  21. You're welcome. By the way, Julien, not Justin.
  22. Julien

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    Did you try clearing the cache by clicking on the orange button at the top right of the admin? And then to force the page to fully reload? N.B. Press Ctrl+F5 in Firefox and most browsers.
  23. Hi, I have a product an option group "Keys" with over 100 options attributes (individual keyboard keys). The products are keyboard, with their different layouts are defined as option sets. My options attributes that I set initially came from a QWERTY layout, and I sorted the keys carefully by groups "A B C D (...) F1 F2 F3 F4 (...) 1 2 3 4 (...) and special keys. Because of additional keyboard layouts, I had to add many new attributes afterwards (special chars like "é à ü" for instance). Instead of adding those attributes at the end of the list, when saving the attributes list, CubeCart's manager insert them at arbitrary locations in the list. This makes things difficult because to make my options set well-organized, I have to drag and drop a lot the new attributes through the very long list. Although not a real bug, this is very boring and perfectible. I have no GitHub account and this is why I post here. Cheers, Julien
  24. Hi Angie, I believe that for your site using PayPal Checkout you must prior contact PayPal for application. Until your website is approved for PayPal Checkout, you can use PayPal Standard. For details, search for "paypal checkout" vs "paypal standard" using a search engine. Julien
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