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  1. I'm in the middle of sorting out my shipping, and in the shipping zones for the uk do I need to put a full list of complete postcodes in ? if so is there a complete list anywhere please as there will be millions of them? Thank you
  2. I have two admin files have tried both and its not working could be me as am far from a coder lol
  3. Is this in my websites cpanel? Tried this and its not worked for some reason
  4. I have never heard of waterfox am not keen on firefox to be honest, Yup google does own youtube and facebook owns instagram now.
  5. There is a settings to turn off auto fill, but I use that alot, the thing is its only the youtube its doing this to its not doing it to instagram for example where I took that link out.
  6. Yes am using Chrome. Your right I take it out, it dissapears then appears again, but it does reappear in the admin panel all by itself. Mostly it puts Angie but occasionally it puts my email address in there, this is not something I do.
  7. System error log is empty and saying no errors Edit to add admin error log is empty aswell
  8. I take that out save clear cache disapeers then comes back again, its driving me nuts! lol
  9. Is there anyway to permanantly remove the youtube field from the shopping cart? Thank you
  10. I am on the latest version of cube cart and am trying to set up square payments. This might sound like a daft question but have never done this before. This is setup in my cubecart but am on the auth on square, does anyone know what the Production Redirect URL should be? I have my application id and application secret in place Thank you Angie
  11. Well it stayed off until I made another change sorting the site out, It isn't just one particular change as it is doing it whenever I change anything and I dont have to be in that area of the admin panel to have this happen. I have no idea how to stop it happening. I am on Chrome but cannot find it in there at all even in the autofill section
  12. Thank you Ian. It seems to of stayed off for now so will see how it goes I have that many logins that a lot are saved but will take the site one out individually and see if that helps
  13. I have Julien, least have got your name right this time lol, it stays away for so long then turns back up again will see if it does it again
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