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  1. Hi thank you. The problem is these language pages are individual pages themselves (that also contain products). So Courses (Category)> Languages (category> Pages: Pages: Arabic (schedule.html) Arabic (index.html) Sign Language (schedule.html) Sign Language (index.html) English (schedule.html) English (index.html) And all the pages have products listed (we were able to merge products to be the same throughout the website). Does this help? I'd like for each category to have the same pages with the same url.
  2. We have two categories: Courses + Languages. Each one has a set of language pages, but they have different URLs, so essentially we have like 2 Arabic pages, etc. How do I use the same page for each? One has a /schedule URL and the other is /index. Each one also has different pictures and information but that was inherited when I took over the site. I'd like there to be just one page for both categories to link to.
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