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  1. Hi bsmither Yep the purchaser is selecting it for completely different uses in options - I've been running the last approach you mention with the identical products/different tax but was trying to tie the products together to control stock - been looking and it's probably the best way anyway as i have it -
  2. Hi Folks - has anyone done anything that lets a customer select tax rate on a product before? sounds odd, but its for a product that a customer can choose its use, which then affects the tax rate that applies to it. A product has a tax rate applied by CC by default, but i'm just trying to think of a way a customer can select the items use, either as an option, or selectable dropdown in checkout that applies the rate depending on their selection. I'm not sure if I can maybe use options to make it look like it's applying the tax, though i think then the checkout would need a bit of work,
  3. cheers havenswift. I have the cardsave module plugged in and was just watching updates on this. All sales are UK. For Cubecart Al put some extensions that were allready ready, and i notice that includes some payment modules that haven't necessarily required any code updates - so i'm not sure if some like worldpay/cardsave that just use the redirect/pay page method will just handle the extra step anyway or not.
  4. Does the delay to this mean that current gateway versions are still OK to run for another 18 months(ish)? - Thanks for keeping us up to date Al by the way! Just wondering how much this affects gateways that are at the moment not updated?
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