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  1. I actually still couldn't access the admin screen. I get a 404 not found error. I can see the name of the folder in front of me. I type it into the url exactly. This is really frustrating. Why make this so difficult? Other solutions are perfectly happy for us to change the folder name ourselves. I've uninstalled.
  2. I'm going through solutions at the moment and finding problems with every one of them. This is the second that feels it is a good idea to hide the url. With the server space I have rented, the company have an automated system that uploads files ets, so I can't see them. All I want to do is access the admin screen so that I can sign in and start working on the site. It will be the latest version of Cubecart. OK, I figured out there is a way to ftp through to my files. Please ignore. Cheers!
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