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  1. Personally, l think a developer could get rich if you create the following tools for sellers of mass-produced low price stock: 1. Import postal zones 2. Import categories 3. Export orders: I would want customer name, address, and also product name, SKU, and the product packaged weight, as per the corresponding column in the CubeCart upload spreadsheet. That vital info would allow me to organise the Export Orders csv into weight categories, and then divert each weight category to a courier l know to be doing the best deal at the moment, for that weight category. The savings would be huge, if this is scaled up to thousands of orders per week. 4. Discount tool offering: "Buy [Quantity] Get Cheapest [1,2,3,4 etc.] in a Category or Entire Inventory, FREE!" 5. Postage and Packaging discounts for additional units of an item, e.g. 1 widget = £5 + £2.50 P&P, buy 5 widgets = formula that gives £2.50 + £0.50 per additional widget = £2.50 + (4*£0.50)
  2. Nice clean storefront. However l would avoid using ALL CAPS for some products e.g. DOUBLE LAYERED NYLON/ CHAIN LEAD and HELLCAT MAXX FDE EDITION etc.
  3. I'm curious, would the payment gateway(s) a shopping site uses, be able to output a CSV? Then you could take that CSV to your RM business account, and from there l guess the customs forms would be a doddle, especially if you can have the HS codes as part of the CSV (added manually). Just speculating - l've only done the electronic customs form manually ...
  4. Hi there, here is what l wrote about that, it's a weak spot of my post: "(ASSUMPTIONS: presumably you can use OSS even if you are below the EU VAT registration threshold, and apparently you won't need to even be UK VAT registered)" And yes, if you don't use an IOSS number, then your customers will get their items later, and they'll have a customs clearance fee on top of the tax and duties to pay. With IOSS, they'd get it faster, with tax and duties having already been paid at P.O.S., and there won't be a customs clearance fee.
  5. Thanks. What do you forsee happening if l reassigned my existing cubecart shop (no products yet, just categories, T&C docs, reCaptcha IPN, etc.) to a new URL with my managed hosting company's help? Could l get off to a running start with the "new" shop (= old shop, under a new domain name)?
  6. Hi there, I want to create another CubeCart installation. The category tree was very time consuming, and so it's daunting to do that all over again. Any hints on how to quickly replicate the tree? Ideas l'm toying with: 1. Upload my inventory spreadsheet, which mentions the categories of each item. Would that auto-create those categories, seeing as they don't actually exist in the new CubeCart instance l'm setting up? 2. Copy ---> paste a file containing the category tree. Where would such a file be located?
  7. Thanks for explaining this. @bsmitheri'd give you £10 for a "Buy N Get [CHEAPEST] X Free" code snippet, especially if l can overlay multiple such deals over one product page, or one category or the entire inventory, i.e. whatever it is l overlay it over, as long as l can overlay multiple simultaneous promos that'd be great. I mean: Promo #1: Buy 5, Get 1 Free Promo #2: Buy 8 Get 2 Free Promo #3: Buy 10 Get 5 Free If l add 6 items to basket, basket will show the cheapest one as FREE Add 7 items, basket will still show cheapest ONE as free Add 10 items, basket will now switch to promo #2 and show the cheapest TWO as FREE Add 14 items, basket will still show the cheapest TWO as free Add 15 items, basket will now switch to promo #3 and show the cheapest FIVE as FREE
  8. Eddifying, thanks. Please alert me if CubeCart ever has products coded into the inventory upload spreadsheet, because that's the only way it will play with other carts - l want to start out selling via a spectrum of different carts, before maybe narrowing down the number of carts, but even then, it will be multiple carts and thus inventory will need to be transferrable between them, either as .csv or via an inventory management software. What you currently have, will not respond to changes in, say, my Amazon stock level for the same item.
  9. Hi there. How did the demo you showed me manage to acquire a pulldown menu?
  10. Thanks so much, l was actually wondering why l hadn't mentioned the pulldown options menu or lack thereof, before. Probably because l had seen it already. What is the column heading called in the upload spreadsheet? Product Type? Product Value? It'd be great if you could figure out a basic Buy N Get X Free code snippet or something!
  11. Multivariations and "Buy N Get X FREE" promos, that's all that's stopping me selling mass produced low value items on CubeCart. When l first started playing with CubeCart, my inventory was secondhand one-off stuff, so l could upload straight to CubeCart and leave it at that, but what l want to sell now is as l say: mass produced low value stuff. It can only be done with Buy N Get X Free (selling single items is actually lower profit than specific Buy N Get X Free deals) and it would help tempt buyers if they saw a multivariation ad instead of a single product, but l need both - have single products as the bedrock of the shop, but promoted above all would be the mutlivariation ads, they'd be at the fore, so to speak. Gah ...
  12. Hi there, it's quite simple to me, each advert (aka product page, item page, what ever) has one axis. So: Product page #1: Buy 50ml Glitter - many colours! Product page #2: Buy 500ml MEGA tub of glitter with special dispenser - many colours! Product page #3: Buy glitter-covered greeting card - many colours! So you see, each product page has one axis = the various colours. The other axis of glitter container size is represented by different product pages in themselves ... with added axis of various colours to choose from. Another axis of glitter related products is represented by ... you guessed it, a different product page (in this case, glitter-coated greetings card) ... with added axis of various colours to choose from. This is what l mean, it's so simple: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183701786377 Note also how clicking on one drop down menu option also calls up its corresponding photo from the photo carousel to the left .... but l'm not demanding this feature, l'm keeping it simple, l just want a way to create a drop down menu for multivariations. Multivariations are a standard feature IMO, many carts and online marketplaces have them as standard columns in their upload spreadsheets. If you don't cater for multivariations by default, then people can't translate inventory into your cart ... so you risk isolation. As for out of stock options, that could either be done by chatting with a multichannel inventory management software creator (l'm thinking of names like Nembol, Linnworks, Shopify? Bigcommerce? Sellro, etc. etc. etc. there are so many, spanning every price bracket, but managing your stock levels across all platforms that you sell on is one of their most basic functions that's why so many softwares can be approached to work with your platform, because they all have stock level management as a basic function) ... or by uploading CSV (bear in mind that low stock level warnings can be set fairly high to give ample notice, so even if CubeCart won't integrate with any inventory management softwares, your other platforms that do integrate will give you ample warning when you're running low on stock, and so you can quickly update CubeCart with a CSV ahead of your usual CSV update day). NOTE: OK l'll admit the eBay ad l posted just now isn't the best example, because in itself, it integrates 2 axes (size and colour) but imagine an advert with just one pulldown menu ... that's all l ask really. The ability to create ads with 2 pulldown menus like the eBay one l just posted would be amazing but l'm not wanting to complicate matters ...
  13. Thanks for explaining So it must be done via PhpMyAdmin?
  14. Hi there, Nope, this is what l mean: On my website you will find an item for sale, called "Glitter - many colours - £1 per 50g tube!" You click that advert or item if you prefer to call it that. Then you see the product page / item page / advert displayed. It will say: "Glitter - many colours - £1 per 50g tube!" You will see a pull-down menu. The pull-down menu will be populated thus: Brick Red Martian Red Blood Red Grass Green Olive Green Lime Green Royal Blue Sky Blue Navy Blue Neon Yellow Buttercup Yellow Pale Yellow You will click as many of these colours as you wish, with each click adding that colour to your basket. Maybe if you click the same colour twice, you'll get 2 of that colour in your basket, l don't know. But basically, that is what l mean by a multivariation listing.
  15. Ok thanks. Instead, l just navigated to my server folder and deleted the module in question and that fixed it. Easier when you learn to have that module folder open, e.g. when installing Noodleman's stuff. Fun trivia: l wasted over 90 minutes of my hosting company's time (and my own) on the phone trying to troubleshoot what just turned out to be Noodledude not bothering to keep his PHP up to date or at least state the PHP version needed. Re: finding the database ... l know what a control panel is of course but l was asking where are those specific databases, l mean with my browser, how do i navigate to those places wherein are stored those specific database files?
  16. Hi there, no, just basics: On my shopping cart i display my inventory in the form of one page per item - this is what l call an "ad". However, l want the option of this "ad" actually displaying a plethora of items, sort of like when a hustler opens his trenchcoat and shows you his inventory. You can take your pick of what's there, instead of going from place to place, it's all in one place. Do you know what a multivariation listing is? E.g. on eBay? That's what i mean.
  17. Hi there, l'd like to create a multivariation advert with about 30-50 options. From this ad, the buyer can add as many items to the basket as they please. Is this possible?
  18. So anyway ... apologies but until this is fixed, l cannot CubeCart just yet. In any case, l'd hope somebody would just cook up a BUY N, GET [CHEAPEST] X FREE tool instead. I'm doing mass production and l depend on promo deals to entice buyers.
  19. What l really really want is a simple tool that does - in my opinion - eBay's and every market stallholder's strongest promo: BUY N, GET X FREE That simple line obviates percentage calculations, etc. etc. It's most useful for mass producers (rather than sellers of used miscellanea), because they have uniformity in pricing (e.g. all your glitter tubes are £1 regardless the colour), and they want to sell in quantity (you can handle buyers that buy just 1 x £1 glitter, but your average buyer orders 10 packs per purchase). Another reason it's useful for mass producers is (this is actually quite important): they can have a uniform pricing model across all product tiers, from the cheap small stuff to the expensive high weight gift boxed stuff. I mean: the mass producer can plan the pricing for every product type along the lines of BUY 2 GET 1 FREE, BUY 5 GET 2 FREE, BUY 10 GET 3 FREE - whether it be small £1 packs of glitter, or £1,000 Faberge eggs. And thus, one simple line: BUY N, GET X FREE ... can be applied to the whole inventory in one swoop (EDIT: you may want to do this category by category rather than allow 2 x £1 glitter packs + 1 free Faberge egg, but the point is, it's the same basic one-line promo, across all categories, maybe in unison with simultaneous other promos e.g. buy more, get more free; sure the same could be said of % discount promos, but BUY N, GET X FREE allows us to determine which deals give the seller the highest profit margin because it ties in with total package weight, assuming the seller is a mass producer, i.e. products will all have the same weight within a given product line, so BUY N, GET X FREE will imply a specific package weight and thus also a specific type of packaging, and so the seller can calculate which deals will give highest profits under a multi-tiered P&P regime, and finally it's easy for the buyer to work with too, no calculators, no decimals ... a % discount promo can only dream of packing this kind of punch). And to drive the pricing point of basket items all the way up, BUY N, GET X FREE, where X = the cheapest item(s) in the basket. Thus precipitating a rush to make everything in the basket as pricey as possible, in order to reap the greatest actual total discount. I wish l knew programming, l would do this myself. Unfortunately l'm dedicated to my product line at the moment ...
  20. OK thanks for pointing this out. I noticed @Noodleman skulking around earlier in the day, so l'm sure he's aware that something is amiss. I do hope he patches this. @bsmither may l ask why l would want to inhibit all plugins and snippets? Also do you know how l can navigate to the databases you mentioned?
  21. Hi there thanks so much, l now have an error_log generated, here it is, edited with server path removed - could it be that my PHP version is too high? [27-Jul-2021 18:47:45 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Error: Hook 'Sale_Price_Bulk_Update/hooks/admin.navigation.php' was not found in /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/classes/hookloader.class.php on line 298 [27-Jul-2021 18:47:45 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Error: Hook 'category_discounts/hooks/admin.navigation.php' was not found in /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/classes/hookloader.class.php on line 298 [27-Jul-2021 18:48:36 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Error: Hook 'Sale_Price_Bulk_Update/hooks/admin.navigation.php' was not found in /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/classes/hookloader.class.php on line 298 [27-Jul-2021 18:48:36 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Error: Hook 'category_discounts/hooks/admin.navigation.php' was not found in /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/classes/hookloader.class.php on line 298 [27-Jul-2021 18:48:43 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Error: Hook 'Sale_Price_Bulk_Update/hooks/admin.navigation.php' was not found in /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/classes/hookloader.class.php on line 298 [27-Jul-2021 18:48:43 Europe/London] PHP Fatal error: The file /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/modules/plugins/category_discounts/hooks/admin.navigation.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6 and cannot run under PHP 7.1 or later. Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 7.1. in Unknown on line 0 [27-Jul-2021 18:48:49 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Error: Hook 'Sale_Price_Bulk_Update/hooks/admin.navigation.php' was not found in /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/classes/hookloader.class.php on line 298 [27-Jul-2021 18:48:49 Europe/London] PHP Fatal error: The file /homepages/15/::::MYSERVERPATH::::/modules/plugins/category_discounts/hooks/admin.navigation.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6 and cannot run under PHP 7.1 or later. Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 7.1. in Unknown on line 0
  22. OK l've progressed a little bit. I've managed to install ioncube onto my hosted website. The phpinfo.php page is showing that ioncube is installed: "This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine: Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies with the ionCube PHP Loader + ionCube24 v10.4.5, Copyright (c) 2002-2020, by ionCube Ltd." However, l am not subscribed to ioncube24, l need to create an account or something, but l gather this is just an add-on (it's commercial, trial then pay). So l really should be good to go. My website is running PHP 7.4.21 and the ioncube php.ini file specifies php 7.4. I then install one of Noodleman's promo-discount-creation plugins, and instead of a notice to install ioncube, l now just get a blank page. The blank page persists everywhere l try to backtrack to with the back arrow. It is only solved by deleting the module from the server itself. Is anybody actually able to make this module work? If so, please can l get an idea where l've gone wrong?
  23. @Noodleman None of your extensions appear to be demo-able, they keep giving an error message telling me l need to install "ioncube", and this actually ends up preventing me from accessing the manage extensions page in control panel, so l have to manually delete the plugin via server browsing.
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