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  1. I was thinking that yes, the javascript should work as I am creating the document in CubeCarts admin. Though I can't see it as anything other than admin until I make it live and link to it. So It's a "test" document, but I haven't included it beyond what I can open within the admin, which is where the content does not work. So in other words ... if you go back to where I posted the source code, that was the code I entered in the "test" document. But then I changed it around to meet the requirements you mentioned, and it still didn't work when viewing in Admin. But now I've backed out all my ch
  2. Oh. Geez.... you're right and I've gone code blind. So, do you think that is why the .js code wasn't executing properly? If so, I'll go through the motions of trying to get it to work using this version of the js file. If you don't think that was the problem, then... I need to to carry on, and move along!
  3. A thought: Is it possible that we are downloading from 2 different servers and one is not like the other?
  4. Okay, I just went through the steps again and took screen snaps. When I was prompted to overwrite the files I chose "Yes to all", but I am still getting different results than you are. What on earth is going on??
  5. ??? I don't know what to say. Are we downloading 2 different things??? The version I dowloaded today (3/8/2020) says the date of the download zip is as of 2/27/2020. Is your version different from that date? p.s. The original problem kind of doesn't matter to me anymore, I hand coded a less sophisticated document that works.
  6. Ruh-ohhhh. I downloaded the 6.2.9 zipped file, and the same issue is there.
  7. I'm a twitch confused about your concern... those lines of code are not changes I made, those are the original lines. I've never before done anything to change that file. What is it that concerns you?
  8. OMG! I just realized the changes I made above took the whole store down outside of Admin. So I backed it all out. Error log: [<strong>Exception</strong>] /home2/************/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:6 - Syntax error in template "file:/home2/***********/public_html/skins/foundation/templates/element.js_head.php" on line 6 "{foreach from=$HEAD_JS item=js}{$js}{/foreach}" too many shorthand attributes
  9. I'm not using Jquery's UI accordian, mine is hand coded, but it looks and behaves (outside of cubeart) exactly like the list in the link you sent to me. When I cut and paste the code into a document (under CubeCarts Documents admin), it displays the list, but it doesn't "fire". Everything is static. That is why I wanted to execute the code outside of the CubeCart documents as an HTML file that would have all the usual skin elements around it. So... if you look at the source code for the list in the link you sent me, that's pretty close to the code in my .html file. So I'm not cl
  10. (I wish the "Notify me of replies" button was available for the original posts.)
  11. I have a collapsible list of information that I want to use as a customized document, and it works as a straight HTML file, but when I copy the code to a new document via the "source" view it doesn't execute (the collapses don't work). I can see that the jquery code is not executing, so I thought I would just add the HTML file and link to it, but I would like to use a kind of "wrapper" that would include the site header/footer, nav bar, etc. What would be the best approach to do that? Or better yet, is there something I can tweak so that the code will execute from within the new document?
  12. Thank you so much! A "theory matrix"... that sounds like something I'd be really intrested in, looking forward... but no rush on this especially if others have more urgent problems!
  13. Error log is empty. The System Error log has some errors from November, but nothing that seems related to this problem. ...this might have some odd connection to another problem we've had since a few days after installation where when closing the store from Admin doesn't work, and going to the store from Admin in some browsers, the pictures that "live" in the images directory don't display. We never figured that one out, either... but since it only affected us and not our customers we didn't burn a whole lot oil on it. But it seems like whatever controller is suppose to recognize Admins k
  14. Yes, this problem has been since installation. I am the provider (reseller on HostGator). I have quite a few customers with similar php scripts running, the problem doesn't exist elsewhere. I could expand the space allocation, we're at 73% max... but that makes no sense as the problem was before any content ever got added. Also, this happens on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Puffin, Seaamonkey, Safari), and all devices. Puzzling....
  15. Thanks for that info! But... if the default is 604800 seconds, and there are 3600 seconds in an hour, that's 168 hours. We're timing out on the Administrators pages at around 10-15 minutes of idle time?
  16. Where can I change the login timeout to be longer?
  17. ...bummer. Thanks for the quick response and follow through.
  18. I've uploaded some files to a "Backups" folder under the File Manager's "Download" function. But now that they are there, I don't see anywhere I can actually download them back to my computer. When I click on them I get a Forbidden 403. Do I need to do something to make the downloads permissible?
  19. I would like to add some text to the Product Review form that states the email that is required will not be sold or shared. Where can I make that modification, please?
  20. Perfect! Thanks! (I just commented out the code, didn't delete it entirely because... well, you never know.)
  21. Oh boy. Here is the situation. We were working with another cart under aucontraireartS.com, and after months of frustration and bugs I installed CC under aucontraireart.com (no 's'). After deciding to fire the programmer and use CC, I didn't want to go through the whole CC install and set up that we'd worked a few weeks on under the ...art.com domain. So I deleted the ...artS.com web site and parked its domain on the ...art.com web site so that anyone who goes to ...art$.com automatically gets redirected to ..art..com So when logging into admin, we've been using ...art.com. When
  22. In the SESSION section before logging out there was also '_recaptcha'. I see all of that exactly as you described. However- I've been seeing all along in the admin statistics under 'who's online' my ip address, and I noticed in the SESSION '_client' it was different. I verified it was different by checking the ip address in the admin statistics under 'who's online' again. So then I checked what should it be (whatismyip.com) and the one in the '_client' is correct. Update: Oh, and I just realized I didn't enter my ip address when I turned on debugging. So quite possibly th
  23. I found a product that the tax class wasn't set so I ran an audit on the inventory table to look for any products <> 1 and found 6. So I thought I would just make the tax code default to 1 in the table, but when I tested that, it didn't work. Is there another way I can make that default happen when the product gets inserted into the table the 1st time?
  24. This issue with the software not recognizing Administrators is ongoing. Another clue we just discovered to prove that something broke (we sure would like to know what!) is that when viewing the customers online, we see our IP Addresses in the list but the Administrator boxes aren't checked. Does anyone know specifically how the code determines an Administrator? i.e, what field values are analyzed, what modules do the analyzing?
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