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  1. Thank you so much! A "theory matrix"... that sounds like something I'd be really intrested in, looking forward... but no rush on this especially if others have more urgent problems!
  2. Error log is empty. The System Error log has some errors from November, but nothing that seems related to this problem. ...this might have some odd connection to another problem we've had since a few days after installation where when closing the store from Admin doesn't work, and going to the store from Admin in some browsers, the pictures that "live" in the images directory don't display. We never figured that one out, either... but since it only affected us and not our customers we didn't burn a whole lot oil on it. But it seems like whatever controller is suppose to recognize Admins kind of doesn't. Also, don't know if this helps or not, it happens (still) on a brand new W10 box that just got set up about 3 weeks ago.
  3. Yes, this problem has been since installation. I am the provider (reseller on HostGator). I have quite a few customers with similar php scripts running, the problem doesn't exist elsewhere. I could expand the space allocation, we're at 73% max... but that makes no sense as the problem was before any content ever got added. Also, this happens on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Puffin, Seaamonkey, Safari), and all devices. Puzzling....
  4. Thanks for that info! But... if the default is 604800 seconds, and there are 3600 seconds in an hour, that's 168 hours. We're timing out on the Administrators pages at around 10-15 minutes of idle time?
  5. Where can I change the login timeout to be longer?
  6. ...bummer. Thanks for the quick response and follow through.
  7. I've uploaded some files to a "Backups" folder under the File Manager's "Download" function. But now that they are there, I don't see anywhere I can actually download them back to my computer. When I click on them I get a Forbidden 403. Do I need to do something to make the downloads permissible?
  8. I would like to add some text to the Product Review form that states the email that is required will not be sold or shared. Where can I make that modification, please?
  9. Perfect! Thanks! (I just commented out the code, didn't delete it entirely because... well, you never know.)
  10. Oh boy. Here is the situation. We were working with another cart under aucontraireartS.com, and after months of frustration and bugs I installed CC under aucontraireart.com (no 's'). After deciding to fire the programmer and use CC, I didn't want to go through the whole CC install and set up that we'd worked a few weeks on under the ...art.com domain. So I deleted the ...artS.com web site and parked its domain on the ...art.com web site so that anyone who goes to ...art$.com automatically gets redirected to ..art..com So when logging into admin, we've been using ...art.com. When we use the store we use ...art$.com. So I logged into admin under BOTH ...art and ...art$ so I could see both ip addresses at the same time as users online, and neither of them were recognized as admins (the admin box was not checked).
  11. In the SESSION section before logging out there was also '_recaptcha'. I see all of that exactly as you described. However- I've been seeing all along in the admin statistics under 'who's online' my ip address, and I noticed in the SESSION '_client' it was different. I verified it was different by checking the ip address in the admin statistics under 'who's online' again. So then I checked what should it be (whatismyip.com) and the one in the '_client' is correct. Update: Oh, and I just realized I didn't enter my ip address when I turned on debugging. So quite possibly this over sight on my part got us quicker to the problem?
  12. I found a product that the tax class wasn't set so I ran an audit on the inventory table to look for any products <> 1 and found 6. So I thought I would just make the tax code default to 1 in the table, but when I tested that, it didn't work. Is there another way I can make that default happen when the product gets inserted into the table the 1st time?
  13. This issue with the software not recognizing Administrators is ongoing. Another clue we just discovered to prove that something broke (we sure would like to know what!) is that when viewing the customers online, we see our IP Addresses in the list but the Administrator boxes aren't checked. Does anyone know specifically how the code determines an Administrator? i.e, what field values are analyzed, what modules do the analyzing?
  14. I will try that, thanks. ...if I make a copy of the .xml file in the same folder, would that get removed on an upgrade? Just thinking I'd like to have a copy to do a string comparison on after upgrades.
  15. This is an example of how the images are rendering. The small one is an image that was recreated somehow other than by %, which actually could enhance the image. I expect to lose some clarity on enlargements, it's not too bad. But the clarity on either falls far short of the example given in the aforementioned "support.cubecart" link.
  16. I don't care about the email address, but thanks for the heads up on the recaptcha. The rest is fairly useless to anyone who would try to access the account. Problem does still exist, I guess we'll just have to live with only being able to make changes behind the curtain while in front of the audience. Sucks... though I suppose I can rig up a link to some code to activate an index.htm that says we're off line, but that won't prevent anyone from getting into the store from links they have from previously been there.
  17. I will try to look into that server question... but it's never been at issue before. It's a dedicated server (mine). And everything has been working fine for the last month or so that we've been building with CC. Regardless, even if there were a server side new cache rule (and there've been no recent server updates), I generally set up all web sites to refresh per session. I'm tied up now in another fire ... but thanks all for the input and I will get back to this soon! If not this evening, tomorrow for sure!!
  18. Ok, I got it decoded, but I can't figure out which part controls the store to be online for admins? \/","catalogue_latest_products":"1","catalogue_latest_products_count":"9","catalogue_popular_products_count":"10","catalogue_popular_products_source":"0","skin_folder":"foundation","skin_style":"default","admin_skin":"default","skin_change":"0","disable_mobile_skin":"1","download_expire":"36000","download_count":"10","stock_level":"1","basket_out_of_stock_purchase":"0","stock_warn_type":"1","stock_warn_level":"1","product_weight_unit":"Kg","show_basket_weight":"0","basket_allow_non_invoice_address":"1","stock_change_time":"2","hide_out_of_stock":"","update_main_stock":"","store_title":"Au Contraire Arts","store_meta_description":"","seo_add_cats":"2","seo_cat_add_cats":"1","seo_metadata":"2","ssl":"1","standard_url":"http:\/\/aucontraireart.com","cookie_domain":".aucontraireart.com","offline":"1","offline_content":"<html>\r\n<head>\r\n\t<title>Store Offline<\/title>\r\n<\/head>\r\n<body>\r\n<p>We are offline right now. Please visit again soon.<\/p>\r\n<\/body>\r\n<\/html>\r\n","email_method":"mail","email_name":"Au Contraire Arts","email_address":"[email protected]","email_smtp_host":"","email_smtp_port":"","email_smtp":"0","email_smtp_user":"","email_smtp_password":"","debug":"0","debug_ip_addresses":"","cache":"1","proxy":"0","proxy_host":"","proxy_port":"","fuzzy_time_format":"%H:%M","time_format":"%b %d %Y, %H:%M","dispatch_date_format":"%b %d %Y","time_offset":"0","time_zone":"America\/New_York","r_admin_activity":"30","r_admin_error":"30","r_email":"30","r_request":"30","r_staff":"30","r_system_error":"30","feed_access_key":"8Or6Luioc6xE","store_copyright":"<p>&copy;2019 aucontraireart.com - All rights reserved.<\/p>\r\n","product_clone":"1","product_clone_images":"","product_clone_options":"","product_clone_options_matrix":"","product_clone_acats":"","product_clone_main_stock":"1","product_clone_code":"1","product_clone_translations":"","product_clone_redirect":"","dbl_opt":"","cookie_dialogue":"","bftime":"600","bfattempts":"5","oid_prefix":null,"oid_postfix":null,"oid_zeros":null,"oid_start":null,"oid_col":"cart_order_id","csrf":"1","enc_key":null,"ssl_url":"https:\/\/aucontraireart.com","ssl_path":"\/"}
  19. OMG.... I was just logging into the databases when this popped in..... hold that thought. Holy moly.... The data in the config table is all encrypted. I can't fix it thru resetting something there. I just wanna get things back to normal without completely losing everything in a re-install. BhdGgiOiJcLyJ9
  20. Note... this is an issue in all browsers now: IE, FireFox, SeaMonkey, Chrome, Safari & Puffin. It allows me to log in as Admin (I even created a new Admin in case the one I was using got screwed up and same thing for the new admin), and I can make changes in the Admin panel and if I turn the store on, I can see the changes, but if I turn the store offline, I can't see the store at all.
  21. Did that already, but did it again. Once again... cleared all cache in CC, browser, logged off, logged on as Admin, opened store using the right click / open in new window/tab (tried both) and still the store won't display. It ONLY displays when I make it be online.
  22. Hi, We've noticed that we have to cop our product images to very small - no more that 4" x 4". And that's no issue, but no matter how crystal clear our images are, in the product listings they are fuzzy. And even under the category listings, they are still fuzzy, but not as much. And under the product detail, they are almost perfect. What is causing the lack of clarity in the areas, and how can we fix it? Is this an artifact of a thumbnail creation within the software, or a .css styling? I found this in the knowledge base, but we don't even get close to that kind of clarity once the pictures get uploaded: https://support.cubecart.com/knowledgebase/article/View/224/45/can-i-upload-product-images-over-350kb-kilobytes ps.... we've been uploading images as .jpg's. Should they be converted to jpeg? I've never understood the technical difference between the 2 formats.
  23. Hello, We have been working with the store off line so we could view it as Admins but it wouldn't be available to the gen'l public. Then I put the store online to test it, found some products without images were still displaying, so went back into Admin and took the store off line, then deactivated the incomplete products, then when I went to look at the store again instead of the big red warning banner and the store, we get the message for when the store is offline as seen by the public. I'm not sure what I broke, and I can't figure out how to get the store visible to Admins again without making it available to the public. Please advise? p.s. I did try clearing cache in admin, in the browser and even tried a few other browsers. The only "hack" change I made was to add a line to reduce the spacing between categories in drop downs (which didn't work, btw). Would that line of code mess up the ability to view the store as Admins when it is closed?
  24. Ok, these seem like non-answers for me. I did lan ms-dos content search ook on the downloaded unzipped files for the term "enqui" and found that in the definitions, but when I look for it on the actual server, I can't find it. ...what is the "common group", please? AND... int he header of the definitions file is a severe warning NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING.
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