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  1. Hi everyone, Please could someone help me. I have a site setup on CubeCart and everything is working perfectly, apart from I cannot get the WorldPay extension to work properly. So within the extension, I only have these settings: Installation ID (which i have populated) Test Mode (which i have set to 'Enabled - Always Successful' for now) Authorisation Mode (which i have set to 'full') In WorldPay I have lots of options for my installation: Payment Response URL Payment Response enabled? Shopper Redirect URL Shopper Redirect button enabled? (Note: If set to true, the "Shopper Redirect URL" field must also be supplied) Enable Recurring Payment Response Enable the Shopper Response Suspension of Payment Response Payment Response failure count Payment Response failure email address Attach HTTP(s) Payment Message to the failure email? Merchant receipt email address (if set, overrides value at Merchant Code level) Enable Mobile Pages? No Worldpay Header enabled? Remove Breadcrumb? Info servlet password: Payment Response password: MD5 secret for transactions: SignatureFields When i try and test a WorldPay payment, I reach worldpay hosted page, I add in card details, it then asks me if i want to authorise or decline (as it is in test mode), then if i choose approve my site emails me my order has been placed but worldpay shows a success message and does not return to my site. What options do i need to fill to trigger this? Also if i click cancel payment i am not returned to my site. What am i doing wrong? Does anyone know of any documentation that could help me? Especially if i want to enable the password options? Cheers, Sam
  2. Hi cubicsquare, i don't quite understand, please could you clarify it a bit for me? Also which extension would you be suggesting? So for one club i could put low product size (and allow collect from club) but for the products with no 'collect from club' increase the size above the collect from club threshold to disable it? Is there an extension which disables options by size? Cheers, Sam
  3. Hi bsmither, How's it going? I hope this hasn't turned to anything over-complicated? Thank you, Sam
  4. Hi bsmither, How's it going? Hope you are well. I was just wondering if you had any luck with a solution to my query? Cheers, Sam
  5. Thank you very much for your help! I really really appreciate it!! I think on the whole most clubs offer all, there are a couple that don't allow club pickup, and a couple that down't allow home delivery, so i would hope no-one would buy both. (I am mainly selling school uniforms etc.) So pick up from my shop would always be an option. Again, I cannot thank you enough!
  6. Hi bsmither, Thank you very much for getting back to me. That's a very good question! The inventory isn't locked by club, so a customer could buy a mix, for example: sports jerseys for the Knights, the Spartans, and the Vikings The delivery options would read: Home delivery, collect from club, and collect from my shop; if they choose 'collect from club' i will actually dispatch the 3 jerseys to the separate clubs (this will be explained to the customer in advance) or if they choose home delivery then all 3 will go together to their address. If a club doesn't offer a club pick up, then only home delivery and pick up from me should show. Unless it is easier to set it up so the customer has to choose delivery by product? Thank you for your help, I hope I have made sense, Cheers, Sam
  7. Firstly, I am so so sorry if this has already been asked before, I have trawled the forum and couldn't see anything similar. I am creating a website providing for several clubs. I have 3 delivery options, but not all clubs use all three. For example, for members of one club they want me to provide Home delivery (£5), collect from their club HQ (Free), and collect from my shop (Free). For another club they may only want collect from their club HQ. Do any of the shipping extensions allow this configuration by product or category. I can see the 'by category' option, but it looks like i can only choose one delivery method then adjust cost. I want to present the customers with the delivery options approved by their club. Thank you in advance for any help! :) Sam
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