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  1. Embarrassed that you have a better memory of my own posts than I do. Thanks for refreshing my memory.
  2. We had to have something similar made for our site. It involved having some html and PHP coding done kindly by a web developer friend. It sends an email to us when someone completes the form, with the details of the form and the attached documents. Can be seen working here. If this is something that would suit I could pass you his details and he may be able to assist?
  3. Hi, I have made an edit to the text string on the register.html of the page and also added a 'Trade Card' document to my site with a custom form. However when displayed on the site the text does not align correctly, almost as if it is unable to wrap it and drops it down onto the next line. See attached. Could anyone advise on how to make the text sit adjacent to its corresponding check box? I am assuming it is linked some how to the size of the centre part of the skin (Unsure on the technical name) or the padding to the left and right? Site URL is Delightful Hair & Beauty
  4. ***APOLOGIES FOR THE THREAD REVIVAL*** Hi @camarothon, Did you have any joy with this? I am attempting to do the same but have found no solution. @zombiesbyte Is there any advice you could provide? Ross
  5. Hi, May seem like an obvious question but can anyone advise as to how to centralise the box.navigation.php on the Foundation skin? I have set the width of the bar to full screen using some code (by @bsmither) I found using the search function. </div> <div style="max-width:none;" class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns small-collapse"> {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} <div class="hide" id="val_lang_back">{$LANG.common.back}</div> </div>
  6. Apologies, are you in the UK? Everytime I search for QuickBooks POS it takes me to the US site. Wasnt sure whether it was available in the UK.
  7. Thanks for the replies! @Noodleman She hasn't actually purchased anything yet but has been looking. I want to ensure that what she buys is intergratable (Is that a word?!?) with CubeCart. Any idea of what your previous customers have used? I have looked to see if QuickBooks POS is available from Intuit but can't see anything. @Christopher Short What systems do you use for QuickBooks POS? My wife currently uses QuickBooks for her accounting. Do we need to contact Intuit or is this a 3rd party epos system using QuickBooks software? It's all very confusing!!!! XD
  8. Hi, My Wifes store has both a physical store and an online Cubecart store. She wants to be able to hold one inventory that updates when a sale is made either via the website or via the till. Is anyone aware of such a solution? @Noodleman I think you had a post mentioning this before but I am unable to find it. Thanks in advance! Ross
  9. Hi, Hope you are all well? Looking for an extension, if one exists, to allow my cart to add a free gift if the customer purchases a certain quantity of a product? For example: If a customer buys 10 pencils they will receive a pencil sharpener free of charge. I would like to add the free gift into the inventory of the store but have its status unchecked, just to able to track stock levels. Does anyone know if such an extension exists? Thanks in advance!
  10. Would just like to thank @Noodleman for their help implementing this module onto my site. Absolutely brilliant, professional service from the outset and always seemed happy to help! Ross
  11. Thanks! I will give this a go. I managed to create a temporary solution that looks a little better than it did previously. But this involves putting the text string back to the original and then placing a statement below the Terms & Conditions statement. What do you mean by "may affect validation"? That the registration process may not complete correctly?
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