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  1. Thankyou anyway. You saved alot of headaches with a potential reinstall.
  2. I don't receive my email when I request a new password. Not even after an extortionate delay.
  3. Hi Smither.... thanks for the reply and new results. So, with your help this is what I did. 1 ) I changed the username to suit me from "Admin" to another name. 2 ) I deleted the SALT field to nothing. No Null no Zero. Nothing. Blank. 3 ) I deleted the VERIFY field to nothing/blank. 4 ) I changed the Password again to a new one and then set the drop-down to MD5 then saved all this. Then logged in again using... the new Username. The new Password as per chosen new one. I am in. This was a real heacache and why would I suffer this? So, what implications can I expect without a SALT or VERIFY field? Oh and regarding the admin I used the admin_i8hf589734.php else I would not have seen the login window.
  4. Cubecart has worked for the last two weeks faultlessly. Ive started to stock it. www.curlywhiskers.com I'm using the latest version of Cubecart. I have used Internet Explorer and UC Browser. I log in using the www.mystorename.com/store-folder/admin_875cv8974 etc . It results in saying "invalid username or Password." SO.... clicking the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link it says, after Ive put in my email and Username, "Incorrect details, please try again." BUT going into the SQL database and into xxxx_CubeCart_admin_users I have reset the password to one I want (setting the MD5 drop down left of where I type in my words and numbers) and see my username as Admin. Cool! SO lets go forward. Using Admin as the original username and my chosen password I STILL cannot either login to the admin section OR get the login system to recognise me. I back process the MD5 hash of my password just to get nittygritty perfect. It IS PERFECT> No problems there. I am empty of ideas this far forwards. The DB says my username is Admin. I see the password. It doesnt work. Sniffle. :( Does it matter that I've upgraded my server to PHPv7.2? From within the actual Heartinternet (my Host account) Server control panel?
  5. So I cant download the entries from the database into the new empty database? I do that in the SQL system on the Heart page? So to transfer the entries from the one store into the empty store? How would I do that?
  6. I have now, for the sake of time-convernience created TWO Cubecarts. My issue initially was that the folder name had to change as did the URL. Idiot mistake but I make these sometimes. So theyre both working BUT....... Can I download the DB from the one cubecart that isnt wanted anymore in one folder and UPload it into the second correct version in another folder? Each folder has a different name. Each cubecart is the same version. What issues would evolve? What would be my technical procedure? Many thanks.
  7. Well, I took out the script mentioned by heartinternet and then , after STILL seeing a white screen I found an identical line in the INDEX file of all places. !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT? So I took out that as well and now its running. Very odd. I dont know why this is an issue as the original raggedybird.com site runs straight out of the box. Confusing that it runs OK for you. The site is a cubecart internet site yes. Straight out of the box, yes. I have to apologise also I didnt realise I used petswhiskers as the example above. Our url is THEpetswhiskers so you saw the wrong site. Also this is the reason why we're moving to curlywhiskers.com because our initial searches came up with nothing. Suddenly we're faced with potential legal issues by cybersquating. So now a fresh reinstall. Your help is incredibly appreciated regarding this initialisation.
  8. I have an account with Heartinternet.com. I can control where the URLS point to but in order to set this up Im using a literal path www.domainname.com/cubecartfolder/index.php But having perfectly transferred everything I still get the error Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function display() on null in /home/sites/raggedybird.com/public_html/curlywhiskers/index.php:20 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/sites/raggedybird.com/public_html/curlywhiskers/index.php on line 20 What is it telling me is wrong on line 20? Thanks havens and bsmither... Just saw your post emmediately as I posted mine. OK... Lets cut this down to size. Cause none of it makes sense. If I reinstall the Cubecart from scratch into the new folder so that Ive got a new empty databased working site .... THEN import the old database into the new sites database will this be an easy fix? Will it work???
  9. Is it possible to A ) Install a new version of Cubecart into the new folder with the new folder name B ) Tie it to the existing database somehow so that it looks at whats been uploaded? C ) Install all the relevant imagte files and edite to the new folder from the old? Because all I see at the moment is Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function display() on null in /home/sites/raggedybird.com/public_html/curlywhiskers/index.php:20 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/sites/raggedybird.com/public_html/curlywhiskers/index.php on line 20 And also in the index.php at line 20 referenced above I presume...... is this. $GLOBALS['gui']->display('templates/'.$global_template_file); What haven't I edited?
  10. So I simply copy all the files from folder thepetswhiskers into the folder now called curlywhiskers and it will still run and all I have to do is edit the config file for the path to curlywhiskers??? Or can I simply rename the folder it is in currently? And then edit the config file path?
  11. I have had to buy an alternate URL because it turns out there is a company with a very similar name to the one we wished to use. So, can I make another folder (as I name my folders the same as the url) and then migrate my cubecart to it...... and how do I change all the words in the site and how do I adjust the database as well? OR can I pay someone here to move the database and contents for me? Which is easier? Its a new store. only a dozen items in there. I can't find an easy procedure anywhere.
  12. Holy badgers whiskers................. Sorry to take so long.... I found the issue. Its an odd one. The HTACCESS file had some code in it that disallowed windowed URLs. So I took that out of the HTACCESS file. The site error remained. I looked in the index page I think it was and in there was an identical line. Disallowing windowed URLs. So having deleted that too the site runs beautifully. Another anomaly though is that the original site raggedybird runs fine WITH both the index file line And the HTACCESS file AND is windowed too. I can only see that this is some kind of misguided security at heartinternet server systems because the logic doesnt fit the results. Thankyou for your time anyway.
  13. With the URL www.ThePetsWhiskers.com I click on a product of my choice but when I am presented with the image it does not show the little magnifying glass NOR does the main image change if I mouse over the smaller images on its right. (Using Kuoroto skin) BUT If I use the literal URL www.raggedybird.com/ThePetsWhiskers Everything works absolutely fine. Slideshow, magnifying glass, mouse overs etc. SO... am I correct in assuming this is a path issue related to java?
  14. This is what I took out of the .htaccess file by heartinternets advice. <ifModule mod_headers.c> Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN </ifModule> Yet oddly raggedybird.com runs fine with an unedited version.
  15. Ill try and precis this as much as possible. I fire up the new cubecart petswhiskers.com webpage this morning. Nothing happens dead screen. White. The issue comes from using a windowed redirect url at heartinternet.coms servers with whom I host. I write to customer suport. They tell me there's an iFrame issue in .htaccess. OK so far. I edit the htaccess file. Took out ### <ifModule mod_headers.c> ### ### Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN ### Try again. I get a server error telling me that cubecart has found that the server runs an inferior version of php tht it cannot work with which quickly disappears and a blank screen again. Odd that the RaggedyBird site works fine straight out of the box. Both installs are identical. I edit the servers php version to 7 upwards. I refresh the page kill cache blah blah.... nothing. Blank white page. Try it. www.thepetswhiskers.com It just wont go. And yet,. the www.raggedybird.com website, the primary root site on the same server runs OK and was installed at exactly the same time and updated identically at exactly the same time in the same way with the same software. Yesterday they ALL ran OK. To the extent i was adding stock. Now................................. petswhiskers.com nothing. Ive tried several browsers. Nothing. Blank white page. I smell a rat. But which breed? Any ideas on what in cubecart sniffs php versions because it has it all wrong.
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