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  1. Hi guys I have tried searching for the answers to my questions but cant seem to find the answer. I want to make a couple of small changes to the invoice layout in my cubecart 6 store but cant seem to find the correct file to make them work. 1st - I would like to get the 'Thanks for shopping with us' footer to move to the bottom of the page rather than just at the end of the product info which leaves it floating around the middle of the page 2nd - is there a way i can set the customers postcode to show on the next line down rather than beside their county? As always all help much appreciated. Thanks Wil
  2. I have a problem with this payment gateway again. It will not process any payments if i have new recaptcha(recommended) turned on. The site is just telling customers that their order is pending and nothing else happens. However if i turn recaptcha off everything goes through immediately, and changes the order status to processing. For obvious reasons i would like to leave recaptcha running to stop all bogus constant form enquiries. Is there anyway to turn recaptcha off for this module or a fix that means i can get it to work? Lost a big sale due to this today, customer went else where. As always all advice and help appreciated. Wil
  3. Is there a way that i can set the information group to shows as a top to bottom list on pc versions of the foundation skin same as it does on the mobile version? I have attached an image at the minute the area marked in orange box is running left to right and looks untidy and would much prefer it to run top to bottom. Thanks
  4. Ok thanks. Will take a proper look tomorrow. Thats has just fried my tired brain cells tonight
  5. Hi I have been doing some work on my site over the past few days and have noticed the the products are not displaying in the correct order and need some advice. I have them set up to show in ascending order by product name. However for example I have a listing for a d14 appering above a listing for a d3 part It looks to me like the system is not recognising that its 14 not 1 4 therfore putting the d14 above the d3. Is there anyway to sort this out? Thanks Wil
  6. Thanks bsmither that has now allowed me to make all the changes. Thanks again for your help with this Wil
  7. Nobody got any ideas why this is happening or had the same issue?
  8. Hi. I have just installed this on my site tonight, but when ever i try to activate it or save any changes in the set up i keep getting a CSRF warning and nothing saves. Any one able to advise? Thanks Wil
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