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  1. The default checking went to the Bank Transfer (despite not having the default box checked). When I disabled the Bank Transfer gateway, both PayPal and Credit Card aquirer had a radio button UNchecked. Will uninstall the transfer one, clear cache and reinstall it and see if that works. Thanks for the help!
  2. That sorted the PayPal default, Thanks! Now I just need to unset the radio button so the customer is forced to choose - any ideas please?
  3. OK have tried changing PayPal from 1 to 99 and back again. I can move the other two with Priority boxes - the Description only changed the position because they were both set to 1 I am happy for PayPal to be at the bottom - I just don't want it selected automatcally... must be an 'un' to add to be the beginning of a 'checked' somewhere!
  4. As it happens, the name of the plugin/gateway seems to manage the position - or at least it does with Bank Transfer... Before I try any changes, here is how PayPal appears on my page - as you see, the radio button is selected. I took this screen shot using a browser that had never been to my website before, so it's not a browser cache problem .
  5. HI I have 3 payment methods - Cheque / Bank Transfer, my merchant credit card gateway and PayPal. I cannot figure out how to remove the check from the radio button from PayPal, it seems to grab the default. I am using the PayPal Commerce plugin (not that I have a choice anymore, all the 3 PayPal Plugins go to the same page). I have not fiddled with any code yet as I don't want to break my shop, but I am thinking it's in /content.checkout.php somewhere? It seems to me that PayPal are trying to take over and at their rates for a credit card, I would soon go bust! I think if no radio buttons are selected, at least the customer could make the choice and if they forget, then an error message will reminded them?
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