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  1. My cold or the bug? Seems to work fine on 6.2.8. I deleted my previous post if you got notification - apologies, cold not letting me think straight
  2. Yes it did and admin>filemanager> images show all the files I uploaded as well I have actually done this 4 times, so there are 4 subfolders in public_html/cart/images/source , none of which show up in the admin > product> image screen(as shown above). Should sub folders show up there?
  3. I created in the Admin>Product(choose product) >images tab called "products" I then used the file manager in cPanel to move the product images (about 100) into the folder that was created using the admin (/public_html/cart/images/source/products). I then went to admin> file manager and updated the file list for the folder I created. Next I went back to admin>products(choose product) >images tab and expected to be able to see the products folder I had created using this earlier, but I don't I tried uploading a single image using the upload part in the lower part of the page, but that dumped it in /public_html/cart/images/source So how do I pick an image for a product that is already there in a folder that doesn't show up please? I can't see a way of navigating to the products folder or am I just too tired to see it?
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