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  1. Not really wanting to pay for an addon that does "much more" when I am only really wanting to do one thing. Surprised this isn't part of cubecart core.
  2. In the admin section for an order, If I add a new product line, the GST/Total Tax stays as per the original order. How can I make the GST/Total Tax auto recalculate after adding a new product line ? I only sell to one country so making a hard change to the system is no issue for me. Thanks Graham
  3. Forgot to say thank you for your assistance, this worked perfectly.
  4. Thank you for this. Really appreciate it. What trigger would I use for creating a snippet? Would it be class.cubecart.checkout_progress
  5. I am wanting to change the language entry during the checkout process for the "Secure Checkout" button. I want the current language entry to stay as it is ", then have a different language entry eg 'Complete Order' once the customer hits the 'index.php?_a=confirm' page during the checkout process. Is this possible? Thanks
  6. That seems to allow the payment received email and stop the order confirmation email. Was hoping to allow only the order confirmation email and stop the payment received email. Thanks On second thoughts, it's all good, I can make the two emails work. Thank you again for your help.
  7. You are correct, that gives the expected email now. Is there a way to turn off the payment confirmation email when moving to processing ? The way we are using it, the order has not been paid for when we move it to processing so that email is not required now. Thank you for your help, and apologise if I haven't been very clear with my request.
  8. Tried to clarify, but realised I made a mistake So email deleted.
  9. Thanks for that. I'm trying to get more details into the email that's sent when the order is moved to Processing. So someone places an order which has no shipping included because it's too difficult to calculate for bulky items, payment gateway is print order form. The order is received, the store calculates the shipping and modifies the order with the shipping cost. What I'm trying to do is then when the order is moved to Processing, it sends an email with all of the order confirmation details and the now added shipping cost along with payment details to the buyer. Whe
  10. Hi, i'm looking to add more details into the payment received email. I've copied across the order confirmation template, however it isn't including any of these details. I had a bit of a look around and it looks like it requires changes to /classes/order.class.php but I tried a few things and what I was doing didn't work. Can anyone point me in the direction of what needs changing to make this email content include the required data ? Alternatively, how can I change the email that gets sent when the order status is changed to "Processing" ? Thanks Graham
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