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  1. No matter what I do or what I configure, all I get is a blank page when using this Shippo module. It simply does not work with the latest alpha CC shop (not beta) In fact I am having issues with many of the extensions not working as they should. USPS extension wont work properly, even though I have a USPS ID etc., , by weight wont work properly no matter how I configure weights and prices ( I only use priority mail small padded, small paper envelopes, medium boxes, and large boxes (all sizes)..so I am really kind of teed off at extensions not working. I mean it should be as simple if by weight as adding weights up to and including this should cost this much, weights up to and including this, should nebek this price. All of my products are exactly the same size, so I know 6 will fit in a padded envelope, 16 will fit in a medium box, and 30 packs will fit ion a large PM box. Its always the shipping and payment modules that cause me problems, but the Shippo extension is just a dog and piece if crap. It needs to be reworked by ever who created it for sure as it will not work at all. At least some of tee extensions give you a hint in teh error logs as to what might be wrong. Not so with Shippo at least anything that makes any sense. So, my problem is, I have no payment method listed because Cubecart wont add shipping of any type, so I have to email my customers an invoice when they place an order with the product costs, and corrected shipping charges. Its getting old and makes for an unpleasant customer experience. Customers receive mails, I receive mails so all is good there. I have tried every solution or code from within this forum, and I am extremely familiar with editing php files and following instructions, but nothing works on a LOT of these shipping extensions. I have even reupped the cart code completely twice, and still the same issues persist constantly. I have a dedicated CentOS/Plesk server with Codero so I manage everything, and I know nothing is wrong there at all. So its simply a pain in my rear. I like CubeCart and have used it for many years, but these seemingly simple issues may just send me to another shopping system platform like OSC or Open Cart or something else. I hate Wordpress sites and code so I refuse to use its Woo Commerce module at all. It seems liek everyone and his brother is using WordPress and to me it all looks so cookie cutter. Im just old school I suppose. I like a standalone cart. I have always liked CubeCart better than any ecommerce system but when its extensions just do not work its time to explore other avenues as bad as I hate it. Craziness for real. Thanks to everyone who has ever tried to help anyone here in this forum. My hats off to you as I know, being a computer technician for over 35 years, that support can be a pain at times, especially trying to explain things so everyone understands. I still work with my customers remotely and in person and even then it becomes an issue when trying to explain things in simple terms that everyone can understand. It becomes monotonous. Mike
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