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  1. Thanks for that reply Al, and I saw & understand the hosted solution. After over 20 years of working & coding for Miva Merchant and suffering through their transition to SAS I still have blisters on my hiney. Not faulting SAS just don't like riding other people's bicycles (grin). At one time I self-hosted over 200 Miva Merchant sites for my clients on 40+ servers I hand built; the advent of SAS almost destroyed my business. Doesn't help that I hate PHP and its security fails like a toothache. As a language, 20-yr old MivaScript code is still 100 times more secure and convenient for ecom - for me. Looking forward to getting more intimate with CubeCart and trying to get past my distaste for PHP by doing so. Thanks for that bsmither - problem there is that no error_log was created ("find / | grep error_log" yielded nada) - but the errors showed in the CubeCart admin logging menu, so I was placated.
  2. As a follow up on this... Tried to delete the thread before replies; it didn't work. We found a few solutions/answers: 1. The error log -was- created and logged to. We just didn't know it showed up in the admin logging - as web geeks we assumed (cough) it was a stand-alone log file. 2. The token method was failing because (as the venerable Al Brookbanks illustrated) of PHP not liking ZipArchive. We installed just about every zip extension for PHP that we could - no joy. Found manual extension install instructions in an old thread and - once we figured out which folder they needed to be in - the admin saw and installed the extensions. Did not see Al's reply until after we got it working because I thought the thread was deleted. 3. The permissions issues for CubeCart still bother me. We had to 777 just about everything to get it working. After we finish devel we will return to roll back what we can. Seeing folders with 777 rights gives me the creeps. And on the 'how did you install' question I did it manually - none of the 'one lick install' training wheels for me (smile). Like I have for WordPress, Drupal, etc I just copied the files to the target site and started banging my head with a permissions/rights hammer until submissive mercy was found.
  3. Have a brand new Cubecart install on one of our servers and are hitting a brick wall trying to install even one simple extension: PayPal Commerce. Trying the 'Token' method results in a blank white page directed to "<ourdomain>/admin.php?_g=plugins". Trying to enable the error_log as recommended here in the forum (from 2016) results in no error_log, nor any clue to assist in the process, and no errors are shown in the site's primary error_log. So we Google "install Cubecart extension" simply looking for manual install instructions - because we cannot find any on the Cubecart site - and mainly find references to creating the error_log file; but no direct extension install information at all. Running Cubecart 6.2.8. Googling for "Cubecart 6 documentation" yields a link to an archived v3.0.0 version from 2005. (????) What are we missing here? Where is Cubecart's documentation? Where can we find basic manual installation information for extensions? The lack of basic documentation is a very worrying issue.
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