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  1. What a numpty - i've just seen that Havenswift Hosting has a Google & Pinterest schema.org Microdata plugin!
  2. I see this topic was raised last year and I have a follow up regarding Rich Snippets in general. I've attached a google search for one of my products that has reviews and the only snippet shown is the price. Rival sites get reviews, 'in stock' and some bespoke snippets, is there a way of allowing google to see this for me? Alot of my stocks levels are not set, using the unlimited instead. Also how could I go about creating some bespoke rich snippets? I'm not a designer, so not too much tecnical speak please
  3. Hello Al, This topic started with the choice of payment gateway priority and you mentioned: Will you be adding this feature to the extension? I too would prefer to have the choice. For me fee wise PayPal is similar to Opayo/Sagepay.
  4. I'd been having an ongoing issue with the checkout pages on mobiles/tablets being swamped by the menu and the basket appearing underneath (and out of sight). Customers couldn't always see the basket and often abandoned. A BIG THANKS to Al for his solution of disabling the menu on the basket/checkout pages
  5. Hello Al, thats sounds great. OK I can sign up for a month's technical support, what will you need from me/Havenswift?
  6. I've been using an old Cubehelper plugin for very many years to to request product reviews/testimonials. There's never been a verison upgrade and Cubehelper seems to gone off the scene a while back. Back in April this stopped working and we reckon that it is simply no longer compable with the latest releases for CubeCart. Is there anyone able to take on a commisison to overhaul/re-write the plugin to get it working again? Cheers, Russell
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