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  1. Thank you so very much for this - all looking much better now Kind regards, Russell
  2. I'd be happy at medium taking on the appearance of large, so atop the sidebar. Ian & Alec have been trying to find a way of doing this without success.
  3. www.ropesdirect.co.uk and the problem is with most tablets/iPads
  4. Thanks for the quick response Al. I did notice that all of his extensions had been taken down. Oh well
  5. I've been using Semper Fi's Vertical Navigation plugn for quite a while and my site (ropesdirect.co.uk) is very much built around it. I'm desperate to have it modified as it doesn't work well with tablets however I see that Semper Fi after a year of not responding to enquiries has completely gone now. Is there anyone familiar with Daren's coding who might be able to find a way adding in settings for Tablets? Screenshot attached. My website is looked after by the excelent team of Ian at Havensift and Alec at Noodleman whom I totally rely on, so any proposed program changes would need
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