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  1. Hi Ian The previous hosting company offered to do it for me but nothing has happened since then. The backup is a CC6 backup created using the original hosting. I have tried to restore this old backup to a new version of CC6 I loaded on the new hosting site. Both are cPanel but because the site is now pointing at the new host I cannot get access to the old cPanel. Any suggestions? bsmithers suggestion refers to upgrades rather than restore of a backup.
  2. Hi All I have moved hosting providers and the old provider is not being at all helpful in getting my store moved to the new hosts. I have tried restoring my last backup to the new hosting but it comes up with the following error. "Error Log ### START RESTORE LOG - (01 Jul 2020 - 08:15:49) ### ./includes/global.inc.php - Content after extract doesn't match source ./includes/global.inc.php-2020022022208.php - Missing but expected after extract -- Errors were found which may indicate that the source archive has not been extracted successfully. It is recommended that a manual r
  3. When I enter the address of my admin login to CubeCart the browser just comes up with a blank screen. Store pages come up fine and only having problems with admin. Any suggestions on how this can be resolved. Have tried in Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
  4. Hi Checked back today and it is there now. Thanks Michael
  5. Hi I want to install the "All in one Shipping" extension but there is Thunderbolt Icon to get the token to install. Advice welcome. Thanks in advance Michael
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