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  1. I'm running into the same problem as the original poster. I install the commerce plugin, connect to my PayPal account and when I click the button to return to CubeCart, I see the "Sign up or connect" login screen flashing. Attempting to go to checkout shows: Request Sent (cURL) - https://api.paypal.com/v1/identity/generate-token Error: cURL Error (22): The requested URL returned error: 401 Unauthorized Response received (401 - Unauthorized) Seems like it's not staying connected? I tried with each version from 1.2.11 and 1.2.8 all with the same results.
  2. Hello, Just to throw this out since I just got this working, in order to use the USPS module, you need to go to this link first: https://www.usps.com/business/web-tools-apis/welcome.htm And click on "Register Now" Fill out the registration form from USPS, and you'll be emailed your credentials. The email will have this near the top: For Company: Your Company Your Username is 123YOURC4567 Your Password is 600FS54AZ512 The Username you enter into the USPS shipping module is 123YOURC4567 (or whatever your email indicates). You won't need the password.
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