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  1. CC6.2.9 / All In One Shipping 1.0.19 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.20 Site: shop.robinsomes.co.uk I've just had a sale this evening, where the customer used a discount code to get 15% off the order. In the shop, the order appears to have processed perfectly: Sub-total: £3.50 15.14% discount: -£0.53 Total: £2.98 - see the first image attached below. However, looking at the PayPal transaction, there's no discount amount applied (image in first reply). Looking at the request log, there are 5 entries in red which look to be
  2. OK, got that, thanks. As I said to Al elsewhere in this thread, it's causing me no real trouble, so I'm content to sit and wait. Thanks again for your help. Robin
  3. Yes, that's correct. See the image below; 4 plugins - AIOS 1.0.18, SagePay 1.0.11, Facebook 1.0.1 and paypal_commerce 1.3.20 OK, done... Yes, it got logged: Today, 23:23 Request Sent (cURL) - https://www.cubecart.com/version-check/6.2.9?version=6.2.9&extensions[44]=1596699083&extensions[80]=1548263568&extensions[108]=1551776120&extensions[452]=1597078286version=6.2.9&extensions%5B44%5D=1596699083&extensions%5B80%5D=1548263568&extensions%5B108%5D=1551776120&
  4. Al, it's absolutely no problem to me, in the main I'm just curious as to what might be going on and whether it has any other implications. Whenever you get the chance, no worries. Robin
  5. Many thanks for the explanation. Just to confirm, yes, I've logged out of admin probably a dozen times since August 6th; aside from processing sales, I'm not logged in at all as a matter of course. Will check the details on the other site when I return to work tomorrow.
  6. Incidentally, I have just checked my own shop site (shop.robinsomes.co.uk). This was a completely fresh installation of CC 6.2.9 in March 2020, with very little customisation. The database has the table Cubecart_extension_info, and that table has 3 rows corresponding to the 3 extensions I have installed (ByWeight, All In One Shipping, and PayPal Commerce). CubeCart_inventory has a new column: 'latest' - CORRECT CubeCart_order_history has a new column 'initiator' - CORRECT CubeCart_coupons has a new column 'free_shipping' - CORRECT CubeCart_email_log is a new table - CORRECT CubeCart_extens
  7. Sorry, I was mis-reading 6.1.0 for 6.0.10... I can't access phpMyAdmin for my work account from home (well I probably could, but it would probably take me the rest of the evening to track down the correct username/pwd combination), so will have to return to your questions tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Robin
  8. Replying from my home a/c, rather than work, hopefully this is still followable. Here is the full upgrade history from Advanced: Maintenance: Upgrade. The upgrades in April 2018, September 2018 and March 2019 were done by Al; fairly sure I did the rest. While the version installed has gone *past* 6.1.0, it doesn't appear to have gone *through* it. Hope that helps, Robin Upgrade History CubeCart Version Date 6.2.9 Tuesday, 12 May 2020 6.2.8 Tuesday, 12 May 2020 6.2.7
  9. I'm having the same problem myself, trying to put through a test order on a new product. CC6.2.9 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.5
  10. site: piscesconservation.com/cube CC6.2.5 / All In One Shipping 1.0.16 / Facebook 1.0.1 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.5 / PayPal standard commerce platform 1.08 / ProductAddons 1.0.12 / SagePay 1.0.11 Trying to switch from the old PayPal standard commerce platform to PayPal Commerce Platform, as the former is deprecated. I'm seeing a repeated HTTP 500 server error on trying to link to our PayPal account (which is a full business account, and has been for years). I notice there's another support ticket from a few days ago showing the same problem (link below). PayPal's help
  11. Many thanks; I've installed it and will try tomorrow. Robin
  12. Site: shop.robinsomes.co.uk CC 6.2.9 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.5 / All In One Shipping 1.0.16 Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but is it possible to refine the product details and shipping rates, to separate the weights of product and packaging? Example: I'm selling small booklets, which weigh 75 g. A standard cardboard mailer plus printed receipt weighs another 75 g, so in Products: General I give the booklet a weight of 150 g. I have All In One Shipping set up with the standard Royal Mail weight bands of up to 100 g / 101 - 250 g, etc. This works well with
  13. OK, many thanks Al; I assume there was some bug in 1.3.4, hence its rapid replacement.
  14. site: shop.robinsomes.co.uk CC 6.2.9 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.4 / All In One Shipping 1.0.16 I've had 4 transactions - from 2 different people - in the last 24 hours where orders have stayed at 'Pending', rather than completing and going to 'Processing'. In each case, there's no sign in PayPal of any transaction. One customer appears to be using a Windows laptop, the other an iPad. Both are quite elderly, and not entirely certain about how to order, so it's possible that they're simply omitting to press a final "OK" button somewhere. In the same time period, I've had
  15. 1: PHP on the server appears to be set to use UTF-8 correctly; problem appears in 3 different browsers, Chrome, IE and Firefox, and on my phone browser. I'm not in my office these days so can't check on a different system. No great importance, it's just odd. 2 & 4: Many thanks, all done and working. 3: Is not so crucial, now that the message on the Order Complete page mentions that a download email has been sent. Without either, customers wouldn't have any indication of how they might access their content; now they do Thanks again Robin
  16. Many thanks, Ian. Any potential issues from including an email address or URL in the text of the phrases?
  17. CC 6.2.9 / All In One Shipping 1.0.16 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.2.11 Site: shop.robinsomes.co.uk I know that I've asked some of these questions previously, in relation to another site, but cannot for the moment find them. (1) Throughout the site, there's an extra character before the pound symbol on the currency selector drop-down, top right (see the attached image). Perhaps because something, somewhere, has the wrong character set specified? How can I eliminate it? Inspecting the HTML shows: <a href="#" data-dropdown="currency-switch" class="button white small" rel="no
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